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Website Development is one of the trending job in current IT market. In this article we will learn the basics of websites and the tools and frameworks involved. In upcoming articles we will follow the learning path provided in this article and later on jump to individual frameworks.

Website Development

If you have worked upon Frontend development, then you must know that a browser mainly understands HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) tags. These tags are beautified using a language called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The controls of a website are managed by scripting languages (like JavaScript). In case you don’t know these, then no worries, we are going to discuss these concepts in detail later.

Learning Path

Website Development Introduction

To keep the learning in a continuum, we will start from very basic that includes Internet basics, how a browser works, individual learnings for HTML, CSS and JavaScript, XML libraries and JSON. Once we have a better understanding of these concepts, then we can develop our websites independently.

The above topics are mentioned not to panic you but to give an overview of what will you learn after completing this guide series. After completing this series, you will become a core website developer.

Frameworks for Website Development

Website Development Framework, also known as “front-end framework” are software framework that are designed to support the development of website development. They reduces the developers’ work by reducing the requirement of coding and providing libraries that can be utilized to create web services, web pages and integrate APIs in a short span of time.

In short, front-end frameworks reduces overall development effort and improves the efficiency of work. There are many frameworks in the market, following are the few famous ones:

· React

React is one of the simplest open source framework developed by Facebook. It utilizes the concept of components reusability.

· Angular

Angular is a TypeScript based framework developed by Google. Angular utilizes the concept of two way binding that makes it real-time synchronized.

· Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for website development that includes HTML, CSS, and JS. It is one of the top famous project on Github.

· jQuery

jQuery is rather a library than a framework. It is widely used in all the other frameworks.

· Vuejs

Vue is a simple framework that utilizes the feature of both React and Angular. It is used by Chinese Giant companies like Alibaba and Xiaomi.


SAP UI5 is a framework designed mainly for SAP software’s to improve their User Experience. It later released an open source version known as Open UI5. It utilizes the concept of MVC architecture.


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