What are Popular ITSM Frameworks?

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ITSM is a service-led concept that stresses more on services than systems that are completely new in information technology, as most concepts are particularly technology-based. This makes ITSM more usable and convenient to be implemented in other dimensions as well. In the same company, for instance, human resources (HR).

One of the most popular ITSM frameworks is ITIL, an Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This framework has many functions and forms. One of the main ones is an infrastructure builder, as it provides a plethora of IT services and best practices for the company to choose from, which makes it the core of IT service management. ITIL is often the stepping stone when companies try to implement ITSM processes.

What is ITSM?

Let’s recap what IT services management stands for. By definition, ITSM is the management of IT services that aids organizations in designing, producing, and delivering their products to their customers, thus improving business value and growth.

Popular ITSM frameworks

Other than ITIL, ITSM is home to many other frameworks such as:

  • COBIT: Cobit is a short form for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies. The key function of this framework is to provide governance to organizations that implement IT services and better manage them. This framework provides a set of resources that support its function. These include monitoring, building tools, and crucial tools for risk management after implementing IT services.
  • eTOM: enhanced Telecom Operations Map is a framework mainly used by enterprises operating in the telecommunications industry. eTOM runs on three main processes organized in the form of a hierarchy:
    • Strategy, infrastructure, and product
    • Operations
    • Enterprise management

etom is a legendary framework as implementing it enhances communication between employees. It also acts as a motivating factor that increases business growth with higher productivity.

  • MOF: Microsoft Operations Framework provides knowledge, resources, and support to maintain IT lifecycles. Each IT product has a lifecycle, and service management often believes in change. Therefore, MOF is a framework that provides support to ease the process of change amongst IT services. It guides IT service control and governance. It also enables enterprises to attain the utmost system reliability, longevity, and manageability. This framework mainly works best with Microsoft products and services.


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