What are the features of Alibaba Cloud?

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Alibaba Cloud is beneficial for users. Alibaba Cloud is investing a considerable amount for its growth and development to service in the market. The work for the development of their resources and features. The features provided by the Alibaba Cloud help the businessman grow the business in the fast-developed and competitive markets. It has 63 availability zones available around the 21 global regions. In Malaysia and Indonesia, the Alibaba Cloud has the highest presence. Let us learn about the features of Alibaba cloud along with why should be Alibaba cloud should have been chosen over other cloud providers.

What are the features of the Alibaba Cloud?

When we look up the U.S-based enterprises and cloud services, the Alibaba cloud service has been one of the best cloud servers, providing the best service as it has almost all the top features and solutions. Alibaba Cloud service is the fourth largest cloud server in China, with the breadth of worldwide expansion in a short time. The top features of the Alibaba cloud are:

1. Flexible Architecture

It synchronizes the data between the primary node and the replica node. If the primary node fails to do the task, it falls on the replica node and restores the data within seconds. It provides a high level of services and data security under it.

2. Data Security

It provides security to your data which is a very high level. You can quickly get your data secured, providing hybrid data storage. If your data gets deleted, it helps you restore your data, under which you can quickly get your data back.

3. Scalability

It provides elastic scalability, which is very helpful for the users as it increases the data scaling capacity and the app’s performance for the users. It eliminates the problems arising due to a large amount of data storage. It increases the reading and writing requests per million seconds.

4. Intelligent lookover

It provides a good look at the performance of the data and the apps. It offers good CPU monitoring and checks the number of connections it has. And it provides storage and disk facility to the users and alerts them in real-time.

Why do business owners choose Alibaba cloud?

On Alibaba Cloud, they provide the exception use of its resources which help the users in the research and development, which is rarely offered by other cloud services. Alibaba’s cloud investment in research and development is comparatively higher if we compare it with other cloud resources that attract users. If we check the other things, the scalability provided by the Alibaba Cloud is secular, making it worthy for users to use. Also, scalability matters a lot for the user who works for the IaaS. So, in this way, users go for Alibaba Cloud for their business.


So, we can conclude that the features provided by the Alibaba Cloud are reliable and easy to use for the cloud and their resources and features are helpful for the businessman, which helps them to grow their business.


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