What are the features of AWS?

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AWS cloud computing is a boom in the market with its new features and services. It enables you different packages to use with different charges and even enables you, different models, to use which will fulfill the requirements of your project and business perfectly. The amazing benefits of using AWS cloud are it is most secure; you can upload much data safely on the cloud, and you can use the pay-per-use model and pay only for the services you have utilized. The best thing to initialize with AWS is you can also activate your free tier account through which you will use the limited services for free of cost for one year and can have experience of different services. After your experience, you can also convert the account to a chargeable account and use the services for a lifetime.

Amazon Web Services AWS

What are the features of AWS?


The models delivered by AWS are flexible that consist of new architecture and modem programming language that can be supported by its operating system. It offers a variety of languages that can be adopted for the project. It is easy and flexible in terms of cost as it offers a pay-per-use model, which means you need to pay for the services you have used. You can adopt AWS for any kind of organization and for any scale business(small/ large).


Cost is one of the most important factors that is viewed while starting with any service. AWS offers pay per use model that enables you to pay for only the service you have used even though it will calculate the time. Even the different services you use are very cheap in terms of cost when compared with other platforms. It also offers you to take the package as per the requirement of the business or project and enjoy the services. Many services are even automatic through which you will be relaxed and enjoy it at a low price. You can also scale up/ scale down the resources.


Cloud is world-famous for its security and privacy. It is most secure and will let your data keep in the cloud, locking with privacy. Even you can use its documentaries to learn to use security services. It will enable you to be confidential with your data and locked in end-to-end privacy.

Serverless functioning

AWS provides API and Gateways to process the code. It also supports mobile to upload and process the code. Generally, to process the code and respond back for the output, it needs a lot of servers at the backend. But with the serverless cloud service, you do not have to worry about the backend procedure and only focus on developing the application. All other procedures will be done by AWS infrastructure.


It was a big issue before cloud computing to store large data. As every storage device is much costly, and even they are not secure or revertable on deleted accidentally. But with the help of AWS S3, you can store a large amount of data without being worried about security and privacy. Even with the service of versioning, you can retrieve your data back on accidental deletion.


AWS cloud is having many more benefits than mentioned here. It is increasing widely all over the world due to its features and benefits. You will get services more but have to pay less. Even the services are location friendly so that from any corner of the world you can use them and get better growth of your business with AWS.


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