What are the Features of the Microsoft Azure?

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Preface – This post is part of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing series.


Microsoft Azure is the second most popular cloud provider in the market. It consists of 200 products and services, which will help you to resolve all the obstacles landing between business and success. You can manage new products and projects with any modern technologies. In 2010 Azure cloud launched the Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) has provided a lot of growth globally. Many companies have shifted their infrastructure to Azure which provides services related to their project. In this article, we will learn about the features of Microsoft Azure and why business owners choose Microsoft Azure.

Features of Microsoft Azure

1. Analytic support

Microsoft Azure provides strong analytical support to analyze data. Machine learning, SQL, and Cortana are the most used service to analyze data. It will help analyze structure for meaningful insights, build end-to-end analytics, and deliver business intelligence.

2. Storage system

Azure provides a wide variety of data centers where you will get a fast user experience for your business to store data on a cloud platform. It will help you to share your data across the world easily.

3. Security

DDOS is “distributed Denial of Service”, which helps in the detection of viruses and attacks. It created an outer shield to provide protection to the data. It also provides protection to network traffic that traverses through a virtual machine. Azure uses an encryption key system to encrypt and decrypt the data with a unique key that should be shared between the sender and receiver only, to maintain the privacy and security of data from the third party.

4. Scalability

Azure provides pay-as-you-go services that allow you to pay according to the utilization and adjust with your business’s capacity. Also, it will help to create solutions for the business according to the need of the project.

5. Flexibility

There are a lot of options and solutions over Azure that will provide you flexibility as per your need for organization. Azure will provide services according to the technology used in your project, which means there is no need to switch to new technology.

Why do Business owners choose Microsoft Azure?

Microsft Azure Infrastructure as a service provides cost-effective services that help to utilize services for business at a low cost. Business owners can track their increment and decrement in the business success rate through operational expenditure and capital expenditure and can also track their expenses of services to take control of unused services if any. Software as a service provides flexibility to the business and lets the organization use services without switching to any new technology, as Azure supports a variety of technologies and operating systems.


In this article, features of Microsoft Azure are placed along with why business owners have chosen Microsoft Azure for their business. Microsoft has become popular due to its IAAS, SAAS models, and cost-efficient models. It has been popular due to its solutions per the need of any type of business.



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