What are the Products of AWS?

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Amazon Web services offer a variety of products from which the top products are computed services, storage services, database services, networking and content delivery, analytics, machine learning, and security. In terms of business application, there is Alexa which will empower your organization, and also, we can use Amazon API gateways that will build and apply the API itself. Amazon Athena is an analytic service that helps in quarrying the data using SQL, and Amazon Arora is the database that offers a relational database with high performance.

AWS Cloud Products

What are the Products of AWS?

Amazon Web Services provides a range of products and services. We will discuss the top products among them with respect to services:


In computer services, there is an easy to which you can create a deploy your instances for any reason in the world. Also, you will create the auto-scaling service through which you can scale your compute capacity, and the whole service will deploy itself. Within computer services, there are some containers, such as Amazon elastic container service and Amazon elastic Kubernetes services, which are highly reliable and trusted ways to run containers. To manage Web Apps, there is elastic beanstalk through which you can handle the project of web apps.


For storage, Amazon provides EBS storage in which you can store the data in terms of blocks. Another storage service is the S3 service, in which you can retrieve or upload any type of data such as image, video, song, etc., and can also create a backup of your data if, of a sudden way it gets deleted, it can be recovered back through the service of virtualization.


There are different types of databases that are supported by Amazon Web services, such as an aurora which helps in high performance to maintain relational databases, Amazon Dynamo DB, which will manage SQL databases and Amazon RDS, which will help to manage all the database services for my sequel, Oracle, Maria DB, and even on VMware. Amazon redshift is a simple and easy-to-use data warehouse; a time stream is a kind of database which is fully manage time-series data. In such a way, AWS provides a database product.


For networking, AWS provides API gateways through which the data can be accessed to deploy and store easily in terms of security. Amazon route 53 is a service through which you can create a domain name for your web apps or website through AWS. It also provides a global accelerator that will handle your application to perform globally and AWS VPN, which will secure your server, elastic load balancing will help to divide the traffic of the servers between the created servers, and in terms of emergency, it will also create new servers as per the need and even can delete the non-used servers automatically.


Under analytic products, there are some services such as Amazon Athena, Amazon cloud search, Amazon EMR, Amazon elemental media pack is a streaming pack check, Amazon quicksightAmazon redshift, Amazon data exchange, data pipeline, Lake formation, and many more through which you can easily manage your search services, analyze data streams, fasten your business services, and can easily deploy the data in the warehouse using SQL.


In terms of security, there is a Cognito mode that will appear as identity management for your apps. Amazon detective service will help you to analyze any issues in your project. Guard duty will help to manage the threads in case they are detected. Firewall managers will help you to manage all the firewalls created over the server. The resource access manager will help you to secure your service while you are sharing your resources. Access management will help you to give access to a particular person so that no third party can view your content.


In terms of security AWS is much more secure and provides privacy to your data. AWS products will give you the best experience and help to make the growth of your organization. You don’t have to worry about deploying your organizational data on AWS as through its automation products many services will work by themselves.


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