What are the Products of Microsoft Azure?

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Microsoft Azure can offer an alluring blend of Infrastructure as a Platform (IaaP) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), assisting businesses in building and deploying their own web applications without putting in a lot of extra effort. The Security Development Lifecycle, created by Microsoft Azure, is an industry-standard security procedure that takes into account all security elements, including obtaining licenses and assuring the highest level of safety in all activities. Microsoft Azure already has a sizable user base, but the infrastructure is constantly expanding thanks to the usage of additional processing power for apps and cloud storage sales. It doesn’t need any more coding to function. Let us check more about the products of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure continues to have a distinctive feature: a hybrid cloud computing ecosystem. Utilizing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), ExpressRoute connections, caches, CDNs, etc., can boost performance.

Product of the Microsoft Azure

1. Azure Active Directory

One of Microsoft Azure’s most well-known cloud computing services is Azure Active Directory (AD). It is a global identification platform that is a part of the Identity Division and guarantees the management and security of identities. Because of its robust security solutions, it earns the first spot in our list of the most excellent Azure services.

Azure Active Directory is an enterprise identity solution that delivers single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to safeguard users from online dangers. Identity-based security guarantees comprehensive user protection against cyberattacks. They can access the program from anywhere in the world through an authenticated login. The creation of a single identity platform using Azure Active Directory makes it simpler to engage with both the users in a secure manner.


2. Azure CDN

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a crucial Azure feature that fosters and accelerates business growth. Its server is constructed such that it can accommodate a substantial amount of storage, web applications, and Azure cloud services. Because of this, content is delivered safely all over the world using Azure CDN. Due to its quick response times and quick load times, Azure CDN is right up there with the best Azure services. Additionally, it is heavily secured so that the creators won’t have to invest enough time in creating new security measures each time they release any content—the organization gains from the further disintegration of this data into intricate customer workflows with user engagement insights.

3. Azure Cosmos DB

Azure as a fully managed, globally distributed Cosmos DB provides NoSQL database service. There is transparent multi-master replication used in this distribution. It is intended to guarantee reaction speeds of under one millisecond. This ensures efficiency at all scales. Due to its comprehensive management, it automatically manages, updates, and patches databases. A multi-model database with wire protocol-compatible API endpoints is Cosmos DB.

4. Azure Logic App

You may quickly create effective integration solutions with its assistance. Data, apps, and gadgets can be connected everywhere with its assistance. Logic Apps’ business-to-business (B2B) capabilities make it simpler to collaborate with business partners via EDI and EAI standards for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

Products and use Case

Product Name Use case
IoT suite Food supply delivery using the service for supply chain visibility.
Analytics Water utility uses the service for monitoring and managing bills.
Disaster Recovery IT companies use this service for preventing data loss.
IaaS Migration Payment gateway providers use this service to prevent data loss and enhancing their systems.



Here, I tried to summarize the most popular Azure services and the justifications for why companies pick Microsoft Azure as their cloud computing partner. If this topic has further piqued your interest, you may enroll in various Microsoft Azure certification training courses to advance your career and become an Azure specialist.


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