What are the products of the Alibaba Cloud?

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Preface – This post is part of the Alibaba Cloud series.


Alibaba Cloud platform was founded in 2009. Alibaba Cloud provides its users with a large number of products which helps the users and its customers to develop their resources. Alibaba cloud invests primarily in its development to grow more in the market. The investment made by the Alibaba cloud on its product help businessman to make their businesses secure and elastic. The Alibaba cloud products help business people store their data with the security provided by the Alibaba Cloud. The products supplied in the Alibaba cloud help the users to build their e-commerce services.

What are the products of Alibaba Cloud?

1. Elastic compute

This service offers a suite of services in which you will get high performance, fast deployment, customer services, and secure and efficient desktop service.

2. Application server

The product offers many application images through which we can use the box application without doing any extra work. It also helps to create images on different servers and has a feature to clean OS. It also helps to make an impression on the same VPC for other servers.

3. Object storage service

It is the most durable and provides backup to the data. The product is most famous for the need to build any E-Commerce platform or create social media and app stores. It offers cost optimization. The data will remain secure as it provides the feature of encryption and decryption keys which are only shared among sender and receiver, which means no third party can access the data.

4. CDN

CDN provides very cheap price features and also uses pay as you go model for billing. It utilizes buckets service to store data outside china. It offers free storage services outside of China. There are 2800+ nodes spread all over the world. It supports 150 TB of bandwidth.

5. Polar DB

Polar DB provides ample storage capacity with 100 TB and 16 nodes. It provides higher data security and uses multiple replica structures. Its main advantage is that it reduces data loss. It provides a faster database with high accuracy and concurrency.

Elastic computeHigh performance and mostly used in desktop services
Application serverProvides Application images and makes it easy to create images on different servers
Object StorageDurable and backup feature. Mostly used in creating social media and apps.
CDNCheap data features and helps to store data securely.
Polar DBAccuracy of the data, multiple data replica structures.


So, we can conclude that the products provided by the Alibaba Cloud help the users apply high data performance. The users can make the optimal utilization of their product for the development of their business. The products provided by them are developed. Their product investment offers security to the data and applications, and users can trust them for their accuracy. The product prices are also low, so it is easy for the users to buy their subscriptions and use their resources for unlimited time. If the user’s data is deleted by mistake, Alibaba Cloud provides a backup option to the users. So, the users can easily trust the Alibaba cloud for their businesses and the development and growth of their business.


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