What are the Products of the Yandex Clouds?

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Preface – This post is part of the Yandex Cloud series.


Yandex Cloud was founded in 2008 by the Yandex company, which the Russian founded. The Yandex Cloud products are available for all the small, medium, and large-sized companies which want to grow and make their companies stand in this extensive competitive work. The outcomes of the Yandex Cloud not only help to earn more and more revenue, but they can make a solid customer base. The Yandex products, on an average daily, are used by 19000 and more companies. Yandex products that provide cloud services are based on IT-based machine learning. The Yandex Cloud has been listed on the stock exchange with a market capitalization of around $2B. It provides the relevant services to the customers and the information provided by the products so that the company can earn more and more profits by using their product. This lets us see what the consequences are and how they are helpful. We will also learn how their products help the company to manage their data and provide security to the company’s data. Here are going to learn about the different top products of the Yandex Cloud.

What are the products of the Yandex Clouds?

1. Data Lenses

It provides the product of the data lenses to the users in which they can make their visualization and analysis their data which is a fundamental need of every company.

2. Management Service

It provides the service of the management of the data through its products, and it also provides the distribution of the fault tolerance of the users’ data.

3. Speech Kit

It provides the speech kit to the users in which the users can make the recognition of things through the speech and also make synthesize the data.

4. DL Sphere

The product of the DL sphere provides the users with the service of the development of the ML and the training of the ML. This is a beneficial product of Yandex Cloud for the user.

5. Security

The users can easily store their data in their portal, and then the Yandex Cloud service provides security to the users’ data in their portal. Users can also retrieve their data if it gets deleted by them.


Data LensesData visualization and analysis
Management serviceProvide database management
Speech kitSpeech recognition and synthesis
DL SphereML model development and training
SecurityData security of users


So, we can conclude that the products provided in the Yandex Cloud are helpful for the customers for the growth and development of their company, and also, companies were able to make a good amount of profits out of it. These products are not only helpful to the users in earning profits, but they provide data security to the users under which users can store their data with relief, and it provides privacy. Even users can trust them for their work process. On average, around the globe, we see a total of 19000 companies use this service for their company and growth, and it also provides the benefit of managing data to the users.



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