What are the responsibilities of A Salesforce Administrator?


For a role that requires you to wear many hats, as a Salesforce Administrator, your responsibilities can range from managing user profiles to performing Health Checks. As the personal advisor to all things related to Salesforce, you’ll be taking on quite a few rewarding undertakings for your org. Let’s take a deep dive into some of the responsibilities you’ll be taking on.

What are the responsibilities of a Salesforce Administrator?

Here are a few of the responsibilities you’ll be performing as the Personal Advisor for all things Salesforce a.k.a the Salesforce Admin for your org.

  1. You’ll be managing user information to a great extent, you’ll be managing profiles, creating permission sets, managing sharing rules and groups, creating new users, and deactivating former users.
  2. Running data deduplication tools to determine if there are potential duplicate records and managing them as required.
  3. You would be in charge of providing user training and creating training materials for your org as and when required.
  4. Resolving any issue related to users, such as forgotten passwords, user support tickets, etc.
  5. Maintaining and updating your org and ensuring optimal performance.
  6. Identifying and collecting any user and stakeholder requirements.
  7. Maintain data quality, add fields and objects, and run backups.

What are the roles of a Salesforce Administrator?

A salesforce admin depending on their experience in the field can be assigned roles such as:

  1. Junior / Senior Salesforce Admin.
  2. Junior / Senior Configuration Specialist
  3. Junior / Senior Application Configurator
  4. Salesforce Support Engineer

Job Description of Salesforce Administrator

As you’re new to this field and assuming you’re a fresher let us look at the job description of a Junior Salesforce Administrator.


Role: Junior Salesforce Administrator

Type : Full Time / Permanent

Salary: 4.5 lakh to 6 lakh per annum depending on skill/experience

Summary of Job Description

As the Junior Salesforce Administrator, you’ll be working under the supervision and guidance of the Senior Salesforce Administrator, eventually, you’ll be expected to make choices independently while seeking guidance, as and when necessary.

You’ll be expected to create workflows, work on process builders, create and maintain user, and permission sets, sharing rules and groups.


Can consist of, but is not restricted to the following

  1. Construct fields, workflows, and process builders to automate business operations and the workforce.
  2. Communicate effectively with technical and non-technical individuals
  3. Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  4. Able to work independently as and when required, with minimum supervision
  5. Ability to build custom apps and objects, fields, workflows, and so on.
  6. Understanding of Salesforce methodologies and functionalities.
  7. Work with the QA team to assess and resolve any production errors.
  8. Adapting to new requirements and changes.
  9. Maintaining the production org and performing Health Checks.
  10. Deduplication of data, and maintaining data quality.
  11. Gathering requirements
  12. User Support Tickets

Experience / Qualifications

  1. Bachelors/ PG Degree /High school diploma or equivalent required.
  2. Trailhead Badges / Super Badges
  3. Salesforce Certified Administrator (desirable)
  4. Certifications / Projects


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