What are the solutions of AWS?

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AWS solutions are the technical differences that were built by AWS partners and architects to resolve the common problems that are faced by consumers all over the world. The main motto of building AWS solutions is to increase performance and make the functionality more secure and reliable. The solutions are available with both manual and automated deployment instructions. Anyone can use the architect diagram for building an application or understanding the deployment methods.

What are the solutions of AWS

What are the solutions of AWS?

Here the AWS solutions are divided into two major categories in which different services have different solutions.

Solutions by Industry

Under the solutions by industry, starting from advertising and marketing, Amazon provides an advertising intelligence and platform to create real-time advertisements. Also, data collaborations give the services to license and clean the data rooms to make space for entering more data. In the solution for automotive, the different branches were worked such as autonomous vehicle connected mobility manufacturing product engineering and the software-defined vehicle in which the virtual showrooms were created, and the data was uploaded. In solutions for consumer packed goods, manufacturing, marketing product development, and supply chain were the major sectors on which most of the work is done to create a platform and division to detect and manage the product’s life cycle. Similarly, financial services had a solution to create a blueprint on AWS; game tech had some workstations and services to create a more smooth flow of the games, and healthcare had a solution of health data sets and measuring the quality, research, and development. Similarly, solutions were created for smooth tracking of media, retail, and cross industries for creating commercial revenue.

You can check the list of solutions by industry here.

Solutions by Technology

In solution by technology, major aspects were analytics app development, blockchain cloud foundations, content delivery databases, internet of things, machine learning, migration productivity management, and securities storage video streaming. Each expectation has a different solution; in analytics service, the main focus was on data streaming; in app development, the main focus was on load testing and serverless image handlers; in blockchain, the work was done on-chain links and managed blockchain; in cloud foundation serverless transit network and instance schedulers under which you can easily configure and schedule your Amazon EC2. Machine learning is a booming topic. Due to this, the work was done to translate the speech, deploy a solution for creating automatic subtitles and deploy models in a more secure environment. In terms of security Amazon easy to deploy instances with monetary network traffic, and CMMC Microsoft active directory environment was created with cyber security to make the models more secure. Even deep security was introduced from which antimalware and other security features were operated. Four storage and backup Amazon FsX for window file servers were created for making an easy deployment with the choice of directory service for Microsoft, or we can also say that it is a self-managed active directory. Through the S3 glacier, you will have complete guidance where all the data will automatically create its copy, and the whole data will be safe.

You can check the list of solutions by technology here.


In this article, we have discussed the solutions of AWS which are categorized into two main parts that are solutions by Industry and Solutions by Technology. Both the solutions play a vital role in the growth of AWS in the global market.


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