What are the solutions of the IBM Cloud?

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The cloud platform has been a great revolution for businesses in developing tools, products, and services. There are a lot of challenges that the firm in day-to-day activities faces. All the problems now can be resolved quickly by using a cloud platform. IBM is working on the development and solution part to make the platform more suitable for any type of business to help them resolve the obstacles that came in between the growth rate of the company. There is a list of solutions that are created by the IBM platform, such as analytical solutions, hybrid solutions, financial, DevOps, artificial intelligence, and many more. All the solutions are even developed to enhance their version and make them more productive. The hybrid, software, and consultancy solutions have also helped IBM increase revenue by 50% than previous years. In this, we will cover the solutions of IBM cloud along with their use case.

What are the solutions of IBM cloud?

IBM has always created scalable infrastructure at minimal cost than other cloud providers. To divide the workloads, manage the work and data, and provide scalable infrastructure and security, IBM has launched various software and services. There is a list of solutions that IBM launches over the platform to help the firms.

Hybrid Solution

The hybrid solution was launched to provide various services in one place, including security, flexibility, and portability services. You can view IBM Hybrid cloud solutions here

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been divided into four major parts: AI for customer services, chatbot, data science, and ML. These services help predict the data, deploy ML models, and build an assistant. You can view IBM AI solutions here


It provides a chat box where you can easily connect to people, find your work, and easily do it. It was built as it deployed the good learning models and gave the developed chat box facility. You can view IBM Chatbox services here


The problem of accidental deletion of data and data loss was resolved by providing a data recovery solution. In this, security and SAP workloads were also maintained. It also helps manage and control the infrastructure and provides high computing performance. You can view IBM Infrastructure solutions here


The solution was provided to different industries such as health care, gaming, academics, government, retail, mid-market, telecom, and startups. It was a goal to provide a high-performance gaming interface in the gaming industry. Other solutions like providing good decision-making quality with health care, better communication service with telecom, better security with government, resources for students in academics, and many more. You can view IBM Industry solutions here


Solutions Use Case
Hybrid Solution Help to build applications with modern technology
Artificial Intelligence It helps to solve the problem with IBM and helps to predict data.
Chatbox It helps in connecting with people all around the world.
Infrastructure It helps to recover the deleted data and maintain the infrastructure of applications.
Industry It helps in maintaining security, good communication service, meeting consumer demand, and solutions for small enterprises.


The solutions are now a vital part of cloud computing. The firms are utilizing the solutions to make their products more productive. With the change in demands, there is always a change required in services as artificial intelligence is creating a drastic change in the industry. In this article, the top IBM cloud solutions are discussed, along with their uses.



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