What are the Solutions of the Yandex Cloud?

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Russian Company founded Yandex Cloud in 2009. This company for formed by the Yandex company to provide solutions to big, medium, and small companies in their day-to-day work and the procedure of the company through their products, resources, etc. It provides resource development and data development to businesses. It also provides companies with hybrid infrastructure, cloud computing, and data infrastructure development. It also offers more than 50 services to users. The cost is also very economical and easy to use. The Yandex cloud is designed in such a way that it is very straightforward to use it. It effortlessly provides every data for IT projects so that companies don’t find it challenging to work in it. In this, let us study about solutions provided by Yandex Cloud and how they are helpful for the company.

What are the solutions of the Yandex Cloud?

1. Retail

It provides retail solutions to the users under which the products are fast developed and the resources for the companies for their growth.

It also helps the company in the launch of new products.

2. E-commerce

It provides users with e-commerce services that cut down the edge of old technologies and promote new ones. It also helps the company in the digital processing of the data. It enables the company in the sales analysis.

3. Healthcare

It provides its unique health care solution in which it helps the company with health care through cloud solutions and also provides medical assistance research. It also helps them through genetic analysis.

4. Automotive

The automotive industry helps the automotive industry development through its modern technologies. It also helps them develop the automatic industry at large across the globe.

5. Finance and insurance

It provides hybrid resources to the company for its development. It has a hybrid infrastructure for the company’s development. It also helps the company in the financial sector, which allows them to grow. It also helps them how they can get insurance facilities through different mediums.


Solution Use
Retail Scalable solution for new products and service
E-commerce Cutting down old technology and bringing new technology
Health care Solution or medical and healthcare
Automotive It provides modern technologies for the automotive industry
Finance and insurance Provide hybrid infrastructure.


So, now we can conclude that the solutions provided by the Yandex Cloud are helpful for companies in many ways. The way they are cutting down old technologies and bringing new technologies attracts companies to work with Yandex cloud for their company’s betterment. It also helps the industries in many ways for the development of their resources. It also provides the company with research on healthcare and medical facilities. It enables the company in the financial sector how they can have financial help and also how they can have an insurance policy for their companies and employees. The Yandex Company has found this Yandex Cloud to help the users and prominent companies work through their products and resources.


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