What are the tools to create a website

How professionals do coding?

Before we start with the web development, we need to know the correct approach for web development. We will now discuss the mandatory steps, before starting the web development, which is recommended by professionals. In this article we will explore “What are the tools to create a website”. We also recommend to understand how does a website work before reading this article.

What tools to use?

Every coding needs some pre-requisite configurations and tools to run. For website development, we need the following set-ups:

  • A Computer: I know it is obvious that we need a computer to do web development. But we can do web development on the mobile phone too. But, it is not recommendable, as it doesn’t provide better debugging and UX experience.
  • A text editor: We need to write our code somewhere. Many will suggest coding via notepad. But it is not recommended as it is neither readable nor helpful in finding semantic errors. The text editor recommended is Notepad++ and Visual Studio code.
  • Web browser: Once you have written your code, you will need to run your code somewhere, and that is browser. It is recommended to use the most-used and stable web browsers, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Version Control System: Every time you update your code, it is possible that your code will not respond correctly, and you will need to reverse the latest changes. In that case, you will need a backup. To get rid of backups and to improve the code maintenance, professionals use code versioning. A code versioning means to save every change as a new version and use the stable one. Right now, the recommended and most popular version control system is GitHub.
    Here, we will not use this system, but in references, we have shared the link that discusses “how to do setup for code versioning”.

There are more tools that are used by professionals for development and testing, we will discuss others later as per the need.


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