What is a Salesforce Admin (Administrator)?


Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that offers CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) Software. From mom-and-pop outlets to Fortune 500 establishments, all avail the innumerable resources provided by the Salesforce platform i.e. Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud – to name a couple.

Many job titles exist within the Salesforce environment, from Salesforce Administrator to Salesforce Consultant, which to a layman may sound puzzling. Let’s start by digging into what a Salesforce Administrator is and shed some light on the role they play.

What is a Salesforce Admin (Administrator)?

Salesforce Administrators work with the primary stakeholders to define processes and tailor the Salesforce Platform according to their demands and conditions. They come to the rescue of the users to bring to fruition what Salesforce has to offer by tailoring the Salesforce Platform as per user requirements. They can be portrayed as your company’s trusted advisor for all your Salesforce needs.

Automating business processes, customizing your org, bug fixes, training users, and maintaining the platform are just a few of the responsibilities undertaken by them. They are an indispensable link between your business and technology.

What is a Salesforce Admin (Administrator)?

Day to Day job of a Salesforce Admin

Your role as Salesforce Admin could shift depending on your company or your org, whether you work as a team or alone. One day you could be automating business processes and the next day training users in your company. The roles can be varying depending on many variables such as:

  • How many users need your support?
  • Are you working alone or as a team?
  • How far along is your org? Is it brand new or far along the SF journey?
  • Do you at most use just Salesforce ? or do you have Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, etc in use.
  • Are you an admin, dev, and expert all at once?

Let’s look into what a typical day may look like:

  • You may hold Requirements Gathering Meeting.
  • Communicate with your team, where you may be delegated work or you may be the one delegating work.
  • This work may involve training new users, data manipulation, managing user permissions, bug fixes, simple changes within your org, and so much more.

The responsibilities carried out by a typical Salesforce Admin blur with so many other roles, these are just a few of the duties they carry out.


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