What is Alibaba Cloud?

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Preface – This post is part of the Alibaba Cloud series.


Alibaba Cloud was founded in 2009 and has taken its place in more than 200+ countries with different regions and availability zones. Alibaba is a leading cloud marketplace in the region of China and Asia, where it provides its services on a public platform. Alibaba has made its revenue by 50% in China marketplace, which is a big achievement for this platform as the platform is not ranking high. In this article, we will gain information about what is Alibaba’s cloud platform along with its benefits and disadvantages of this that platform.

What is Alibaba cloud?

Alibaba is a well-known cloud computing provider which offers many services that can help online businesses to be well established. Alibaba offers a variety of computer services across different regions and availability zones. Alibaba also provides storage and infrastructure that promise to give you stories with backup as they will provide three copies of each data, which means in any accidental loss, you need not worry about recovering your data. Alibaba has increased its services and developed more services daily, due to which, in 2017, it became an official partner of the Olympics. Alibaba is a leading cloud provider company in China and Asia.


1. It offers high-performance computing services for all three models Iaas, Paas, and Saas.

2. It provides the best cost for services as you can also enable on-demand payment or pay-as-you-go options, due to which you will spend your money according to your business need and can see much cost.

3. It provides a very good storage option in which automatic backup and hybrid storage options will be provided, due to which data transfer and recovery of data in any accidental loss are easy.

4. It is a secure platform and provides you security all over the world to avoid any attack on your data.


1. Many new cloud providers with modern technology and services can offer better than Alibaba cloud.

2. The Alibaba cloud lack compliance and international standards and protocols, which is important for a developer or any business.

3. This cloud provider lacks customer services such as language barriers, speech translation, and many more.

4. Some of the products differ from the images represented on the website. Due to this sometimes expected good services prove in bad results.


  • Elastic compute services
  • Simple application server
  • Elastic IP address
  • Object storage services
  • Domains
  • CDN
  • Energy expert
  • Mobile testing
  • Edge node service
  • PolarDB
  • Server load balancer
  • Kubernetes container service


Alibaba is a popular cloud provider in the marketplace with many benefits and services for businesses. In this article, we have covered Alibaba cloud providers. There are many benefits of choosing Alibaba for business as per requirements which are also mentioned, but there are disadvantages also, which are affecting its rank in the market among other cloud providers. Several services can help in the growth of the business and any type of firm.


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