What is Alibaba Pricing Model?

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Every cloud platform provides different pricing models to choose the best fit package that can be affordable and within budget. The pricing model starts from a free trial package in which every service within a suit is free of cost to experience for a limited time, and some charge money with different strategies such as pay per use model enables to pay for the only services used, some suits are available that are having fix prices. In this article, we will learn about the pricing models of Alibaba cloud along with a pricing calculator, cost ownership calculator, and optimization techniques.

What is Alibaba’s cloud pricing model?

Alibaba uses the pricing strategy of penetration, which helps them make newer and newer customers. It offers the customers the area of discounts and a lot of good cashback options to the users so that it can attract new users. It provides on-site offers, which reduces costs and helps them cut down on transactions. They also offer some services which do not includes single-cost marketing. Some of the services, like Aliexpress, have no transaction fees at all. Sometimes it also offers the product price, which is competitive with the prices provided by the other models. Overall, if we see it, it is an economist, easy to use cloud service, and affordable. There are three models pay-as-you-go model, save by subscription, and resource packages. They make billing and payments easy.

Pricing calculator of the Alibaba Cloud

In Alibaba Cloud, the pricing calculator helps you calculate the price of the plans you want or are planning to choose. You can go to their site to check the plan cost according to your region, Instance, operating system, system disk, performance level, data disk, and bandwidth. Enter all of these details; after that, you need to enter the period you want the plan. Then comes the cost estimation of the services according to which you can purchase the program.

Alibaba Cloud total cost ownership Calculator

Total cost ownership means that the firm and businesses can compare their on-premises total cost with the complete cost ownership of the cloud. These calculators consider ongoing cost, upfront cost, and the risk involved with every option. It helps you save money by comparing the cost of running the program on the infrastructure of your computer premises and running it on the cloud infrastructure. It tells you how to save money and how running a program on cloud infrastructure saves you money and time. This calculator considers the cost of running the platform of hardware, software, and the labor required to run your applications on both the media and provides the break of the total cost of ownership for each option.

How to do cost optimization in Alibaba Cloud?

OptScale is one of the significant sources that help the users of Alibaba Cloud to do optimization savings. This source allows users to save money effectively. The OptScale is the source that only supports the users of the Alibaba Cloud. So, it provides information regarding the budget wastage wide range of optimization products and enhances the performance and scenario of the application performances; it also cuts down the expenses and brings the observatory of the product. OptScale provides the efficiency of good running of the applications. It supports all the clusters and offers the best range of cost optimization.

What are the support plans of Alibaba Cloud?

The support plan of Alibaba Cloud is available for free to the users in which users can use their services for free for their help and support. They offer services like technical support in which users have the technical support for them 24*7. They also provide the benefits of case severability to the users. It helps the users handle the case quickly and steadily so that they can get all types of support. They also help them with documentation work as well.


So, there is the pricing model of the Alibaba cloud, which helps the users to know the pricing of the running program on their premises and then on Alibaba cloud how they are different and how you can save money from it. It also helps to choose resources within budget.

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