What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

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Preface – This post is part of the Amazon Web Services series.


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and was established in 2002 with a few services and then added primary services of S3, SQS, and EC2 in 2006. It is the leading web services provider in the world. The best part of AWS is you can enjoy 200+ benefits at a lower cost. Another advantage is they provide pay-as-you service, which means you only have to pay for your services.

Amazon Web Services AWS

What is AWS

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that offers services such as IAAS which stands for Infrastructure as a service, PAAS which stands for Platform as a service, and SAAS which stands for Software as a service. These three altogether provide different packages of services. There are several computing services offered by AWS, such as:

  • Compute Storage databases,
  • Data management,
  • Migration,
  • Hybrid cloud,
  • Networking,
  • Development tools,
  • Management, Monitoring & Security,
  • Governance,
  • Big data management,
  • Analytics,
  • Artificial intelligence (AI),
  • Mobile development,
  • Messages and notifications and much more.

There are several AZ(Availability zones) across the global data centers where you can launch your data centers and services virtually in different availability zones and regions.

Services of AWS

Amazon Web Services provides 200+ services, we will discuss a few important of them:


EC2 is an Elastic compute service that offers different types of instances in size and capacity. Under EC2, you can also utilize the Autoscaling service in which the service will be automatically created, such as instances, servers, data centers, and more. It will scale up the performance of projects and instances.


S3 is the storage service of AWS, in which you can store any form of data in buckets. The storage capacity of each bucket to store data is five gigabytes. Another storage type is Elastic block storage, in which the data is stored in the form of blocks.

AWS database

The Amazon Relational Database Service provides options for Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and a proprietary high-performance database called Amazon Aurora that provides a relational database management system for AWS users. AWS also offers managed NoSQL databases through Amazon DynamoDB.


Elastic Beanstalk is the web service provided by AWS over which you can deploy your websites, and another website deployment will be done automatically. Even you can get a domain name through AWS only and enhance the website’s activity through Route53. Utilizing Elastic Load Balancer will balance the load of the server that will be reaching the applications and automatically creates a new instance to shift the excessive load of reachability over another instance, resulting in the smooth flow of working of the application. The majority of Web hosting service provider uses Amazon EBS in the background.

Developers Tools

Through the developer’s tools, you can use DevOps and take advantage of command-line prompt and software development tools kits to enhance the results of the application and functioning of the cloud. With the help of a command-line prompt, you can easily use code interface and PowerShell for window environments. There are several languages which is supported by AWS, such as python, java, javascript, ruby, android, IOS, and much more.

Internet Gateways

Internet Gateways will manage API and allow the entrance and exit of data from backend servers.


AWS has countless benefits in management, security, monitoring, data management, analytics, artificial intelligence, mobile development, message notifications, game development, AR, VR, work docs, work emails, and many more. It is one of the top cloud computing service providers in the world (including Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure). SAP BTP Cloud (earlier known as cloud foundry) entirely operates with the help of AWS Cloud services.


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