What is AWS Cloud Computing?

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AWS stands for Amazon Web services. AWS services were launched in the IT market in the year of 2006 and were world-famous as cloud computing. There are thousands of services that are provided by AWS cloud, which can full fill the need of projects and businesses. AWS is a platform that is flexible, reliable, easy to use, scalable, and cost-effective solution. AWS cloud computing provides three major models, which are infrastructure as a service, the platform as a service, and software as a service. These models provide different services which vary with the price and needs of the project. Let us see what is AWS cloud computing starting from history to services, companies with AWS, and its benefits.

What is AWS Cloud Computing


Some of the services of AWS were launched in 2002, but the products of the cloud were launched in 2006 and were combined with the IT market. Then in 2012, the first customer invested in the products, and the same scenario continues up to 2015, in which a total revenue of 4.6 billion dollars was revealed. In 2019 there were total hundred cloud services that were offered worldwide; soon, in 2021, these services increased to the number 200.


Amazon Web services are famous globally due to their amazing services that offer you storage in which you can add your data safely, compute services, and migration services in which you do not have to deploy any infrastructure physically, but the whole project or machine can be deployed across any place in the world on the cloud, security which makes it most safer and secure, management tools through which you can also get the facility of automatic services, analytics, and database. All the services also have sub-services which include elastic beanstalk AWS lambda snowball, Amazon glacier, Amazon storage gateway, IAM, certificate manager, cloud guard duty, Amazon RDS, Amazon Dynamo DB, Redshift, Athena, data pipeline, cloud watch, cloud train, auto-scaling, system manager, SNS, cloud HSM, code build, Code deploy, Cognito, Alexa for business, game lift, and many more. Check these services here.

Types of AWS Cloud Computing

Clients and Partner Companies

With the increasing popularity of cloud computing and its services, many companies have deployed their company and project over AWS cloud, from which the top companies are Instagram, Netflix, Linkedin, Facebook, Smugmug, Pinterest, Dropbox, and many more. The companies are putting their data in the cloud in terms of safety and security measures. Check the AWS Partners here.


There are many benefits of AWS Cloud computing as it offers you pay per use model, which will enable you to pay for the services you have used, and you can easily add or remove any data. It also offers a hybrid model and allows you to deploy your applications in multiple regions at one time. You can add privacy roles in the cloud and can give different access to different people through IAM. You can add any type of data with a large capacity. Your data can also easily be retrieved if accidentally deleted through versioning. It offers an elastic beanstalk service through which you can like your websites and automatically be managed them. The amazing benefit of using AWS cloud services is they are available at any time and are available at a cheaper cost.


This article consists of complete knowledge of what is amazon web services and cloud computing. We have also discussed its major services and how AWS landed in the cloud computing market and became the top provider of Cloud computing. You can read more about AWS Cloud Computing here.


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