What is AWS Free Tier?

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Amazon free tier account provides you experience on the amazon web services cloud product and services free of cost. The services are short time available from the day you activate your account for up to 12 months. These services will not charge you any cost on utilization. Some of the services are generally free of cost, some services are applicable for 12 months, and some services are applicable for a limited time span of experience. This account will automatically be activated when you signup into the AWS cloud. You can create your applications and can perform a variable of the task free of cost.

What is AWS Free Tier

List of Top Services in the Free Tier

The top products which are offered in the free account are computed services, databases, storage containers, web and mobile applications, serverless, machine learning, and many more.

Amazon EC2 service: is eligible for 750 hours in 1 month, in which you can use t2 micro and t3 micro instance in any region.

Amazon S3: provide 5 GB of space for 20,000 puts and get requests. Amazon RBS is available for 750 hours with t2,t3, and t4 DB.micro and running with MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL databases. You can enjoy 20GB of SSD and 20GB of database backup storage.

Amazon Dynamo: is always free of cost service along with a flexible NoSQL database. It provides 25 GB storage with 25 write capacity units and 25 read capacity units that will handle the request.

Aws lambda: will help you to run your code automatically and provides 1 million free requests in 1 month.

Amazon redshift service: can be enjoyed for two months in the free tier package, which will enable you to use fast data warehousing.

Amazon OpenSearch service: This service is enabled for 750 hours per month and for 12 months in the complete free tier package. It will manage the real-time application and web search and help in monitoring your application. You can enjoy 10GB of EBS storage per month.

Amazon SNS: SNS is a message push service that is a free service. You can push 1000 email deliveries, and 1 million publishes along with this service.

Amazon CloudWatch: This service is always a free service through which you can monitor the applications. You can send 1 million API requests free of cost.

Amazon API gateway: you can make receive 1 million API calls in a month and can enjoy the service for 12 months.

Amazon AppStream2.0: This service is only available in the free trial account to experience, and you can use it for 40 hours in one month. It will help to securely browse during image building.

Amazon Lightsail service: This service is enabled for three months in a free tier account. It will help you to work with private servers easily. After that, you have to pay the charges to continue to use for next month.


Similarly, you will get many services to enjoy, such as machine learning, security, Cognito, CloudFront, comprehend, elastic block storage, elastic container, game lift, lex, Macie, Sagemaker ground truth, and Guard Duty, SQS, and many more. These are the backbone of the AWS free tier account which helps you to make a good decision for your business along with experiencing them.


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