What is AWS Pricing Model, pricing calculator, free tier and cost optimization methods?

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AWS pricing models must be known to everyone as only via this you can select the right AWS package and also save money. There are even cost optimization methods that will help you to save money while using the service and helps in the reduction of the bill amount. In this article, we will discuss pricing models, pricing calculators, and cost optimization methods of AWS.

AWS Pricing Model

AWS Pricing Models

Pay-Per-Use Model (Pay-As-You-Go)

It is a model that is offered by AWS cloud, which will help you to pay for the services you have used. Also, the bill will be introduced with the time limit until which you have to use their services, and the bill will be generated accordingly. For example, if you have used any service for 15 seconds, then the cost you must pay is for 15 seconds. It will also help you to be flexible with the services and saves a lot of money. Check out the pricing model here.

Pay-Per-Use Model

Use-More, Pay-Less Model

When we use AWS, we will see a lot of money on volume because of our discounts. Some of the best services, such as S3, are meant in such a way that you are using more but paying less for the service; for example, you can use 500TB plus the storage by using the S3 service and have to pay only 0.021GB per month. Check out the pricing model here.

Use-More, Pay-Less Model

Free Tier Account

You can get your free tier account of Amazon Web services cloud by just signing up to AWS. Through the free tier account, you will get 12 months of free services along with experience and all available regions available. Through a free tier account, you can get experience for all the needed services for your project and choose the package wisely which fits best to your project or organization. Check out the free pricing model here.

What is AWS Free Tier

AWS Pricing Calculator

You can calculate the pricing when you are going to add the services and configure the service; you will see the details of the services that you have used along with the price. You can then estimate the total cost that you are going to charge on a particular service or a group of services at the end. AWS enables you transparent pricing where you can see the whole calculation of pricing for service, and you can also calculate your bill. You can also analyze your architecture spend spending by sharing your .csv file to a share. Check the pricing calculator here.

AWS Pricing Calculator

How to do cost optimization in AWS

How to do cost optimization in AWS

1. Reduce EC2 utilization

If you want to reduce the total cost of your bill, then you must reduce Amazon’s EC2 service spending.

2. Estimate the spend

Each and every time when you are migrating your architecture set up, you must estimate your AWS spend so that you can have an extension of your business and can explore it.

3. Search right service

You must find the right services which are meeting applicable requirements of the business, and you must compare the cost of the services to each other so that the minimum cost and the fulfilling requirements service must be chosen.

4. Shut down the service

When it is not in use, you must shut down the service, which can be restarted with no loss so that the signout services could help to save some money for the time when they are not in use.

Read more about AWS Cost optimization here.


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