What is Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing was introduced in the 1960s. After that, it took many years to make it flexible as we see it today. It was the great idea behind the mind of J.C.R Licklider. His main aim was to connect the people with the data around the globe.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud is a storage space and computing is accessing it remotely. So, Cloud computing is accessing the data and even software at a remote place just with the help of the internet. It usually goes like pay as you go style. Instead of funding on the On-premises infrastructures, you can fund on cloud services to minimize your expenses.

Who is using cloud computing?

Probably, all the major companies try to use cloud computing services as they have a wide range of network globally. These data may be used worldwide and it’s possible with only cloud computing flexibly.

Most of the companies like Adidas, Apple, and Bajaj have moved to cloud computing at the earliest to make their companies flexible.

Benefits of cloud computing

  1. Data Security:

These cloud services providers maintain high-security levels to ensure security of data. So, no need to worry about data security.

  1. Cost reduction:

No need to spend huge amounts in dealing with hardware and software. As everything can be available from the internet.

  1. Globally connected:

As you increase your business you can maintain customers from anywhere in the world.

Types of cloud computing

There are three types of cloud computing based on the requirements of the company, they are

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS

1. IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

In this mode of subscription, the vendor provides all the infrastructure like servers, networking, storage, and etc.

2. PaaS (Platform as a service)

In this mode of subscription, the vendor provides the platform and tool required to build their own applications.

3. SaaS (Software as a service)

In this mode of subscription, the vendor provides the application and they can use it right away.

Cloud Computing from Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the top providers of cloud services. Salesforce makes sure the services they provide are updated and at top-notch level. It provides security, integrations, flexibility and more to their customers. It uses the latest technologies every time to stay at the top.


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