What is CRM


CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system that maintains all the essential relations with the customers. A perfect CRM model ensures to satisfy a customer from purchasing a product to providing service assistance.

What is CRM

A CRM perfectly fits into the company’s organization and improves the processes. Basically, a CRM maintains the relationship with their customers from generating them as leads to providing satisfaction with the product. It has a standard procedure of generating leads, converting them into customers, closing the deals, and providing them service further. These all are generally managed using CRM.

Why businesses choose a CRM system

May be for small businesses there is no need to use a CRM as they can do things manually. Because of having fewer customers. But, when it grows exponentially they might feel difficult to manage their customers and move to CRM for its effective automation processes, storing details of the customers securely, having entire data in a cloud environment to access from anywhere.

Who uses a CRM system?

●       B2B

Business-to-Business have a very complex structure to do them manually. So, B2B mostly uses CRM Systems.

●       B2C

Business-to-Consumers when having a large customer’s base they definitely use the help of CRM to manage them.

●       SMBs

Even Small-Medium-Businesses use the help of CRM’s to provide a seamless experience to their customers.

●       Enterprises

An Enterprise mostly needs a CRM so that they can manage the things running in their company in one place and to analyse the problems and solve them.

Key features of CRM system

  • Maintain Contact Details: This is the basic thing a CRM does to maintain all the contact details of all the Accounts.


  • Generate Leads: This is the most important feature of CRM to generate more leads to improve the customer base.


  • Automation: Most of the process is automated like the sales process, Sending emails, and etc.


  • After-Sales: A CRM also maintains Services solutions to the customers even after the deal is closed.

Benefits of CRM


  • Boost Sales:

Every company that uses an effective CRM definitely increases their sales due to its seamless performance.


  • Make solutions:

                As a CRM stores, all the details and generates helps in generating reports it is easy for the organizations to make the decision easily.


  • Marketing:

Here, you get some marketing features and also customers promote the company as they receive excellent performance by the company.


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