Once, we have learnt HTML coding, it becomes important to learn CSS. CSS helps us to beautify our HTML output. With CSS you can add colours, change width and height, add spacing, fix position of your element, add background images and everything else that you think can make your output screen beautiful.

What is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

A CSS is neither a programming language nor a Markup language but a styling sheet language. A styling sheet language helps us to add styles into our document/output.

We have already made a folder “styles” under the structure section above. In that folder, create a text/notepad file and save it naming “style.css”. And this type of CSS is known as External CSS. We can add CSS into HTML file itself altogether which is known as Internal CSS. You can even add CSS directly into the HTML element which is known as Inline CSS. To better understand them, let’s discuss all one by one.


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