What is Google Cloud?

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Google Cloud is a public cloud service that offers a wide range of hosted services. There are many services such as networking, IoT, storage, big data, compute services, development, security, and much more. The services can be deployed through various programming languages and operating systems. This article will thoroughly discuss what Google Cloud is, its advantages, and its services.

Major Services Offered by Google Cloud

Compute service

The services can be deployed through python, ruby, .Net, C#, Java, and Go. The services can run on Windows and Linux machines.


The unstructured data can be stored through this service. The service is based on MySQL and PostgreSQL. The service can also be helpful for web and mobile applications. The service offers high performance.


The private cloud helps to manage the network, and the firewall helps to protect from any external attacks. The networking service provides a good user experience to connect data with the platform whenever a request is made.


The Cloud offers good management tools that will help you to make better growth in your projects. The best management tools are console, APIs, shell, and deployment tools.

Cloud AI

The AI feature of the google cloud helps you to make use of automation tools. It helps you identify speech, vision, text and even connect text to speech, speech to text, Auto Ml, Translation, Natural language, and many more.


1. It offers monthly price planning, which makes many customers switch to the platform.

2. It provides high network speed to connect throughout the world.

3. It offers low latency and provides customer satisfaction.

4. There is a big query database that helps in the high-speed data process.

5. It provides safety to the data and protects data from third-party access by using web firewalls as a shield to your data.

Command line Interface

By installing the Google cloud console, you can easily use the command line prompt of the Google cloud. When you open the console window, the prompt window will be opened, which is based on the browser to make outputs and respond to your input, which means no other download/ installation will be needed. It supports multi-languages such as java, Go, Ruby, C#, .Net, and many more. It consists of only 5Gb of disk data storage space and allows web view.


The article will help understand What Google Cloud is, its features, and its services. You can store your data safely in the form of blocks or buckets. The google cloud offers many development tools for making the best tools that can satisfy the project’s needs. It offers you privacy, security, high speed, low latency, and the best user experience.


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