What is ITSM Certification?


As mentioned before, working in ITSM is no child’s play and needs depth of knowledge about IT systems, frameworks, and services. How can one prove their proficiency in this field of information technology? This can be done through certification. There are two types of certification one might avail of, ITSM certification and ITIL certification.

An ITSM certification allows you to be certified to work in the management of IT services used to fulfill customer needs. On the contrary, ITIL, which is mainly an infrastructure library of IT services, certifies you to be a trained individual to prescribe the right combination of IT resources to be implemented in the business. This implies that an ITIL certification is a specialization under ITSM for a specific framework known as ITIL. However, ITSM is a general certification that teaches you about IT service management as a whole.

How to get certified in ITSM?

There is an accreditation party that conducts the exam for such certifications. For ITSM, there are numerous awarding bodies all around the globe, each with its unique selling point. One such renowned organization is APMG. However, it is recommended to do your research before choosing their awarding and examining the organization to ensure that the certificate fulfills its requirements.

ITSM certification does not need prerequisites other than a few obvious entry requirements for taking the examination. For instance, one must know the examination structure and content to pass and gain a certificate. This also includes experience in the IT segment in their professional careers ( for example, IT auditing). Besides, there is also a foundation bridge examination for IT service management which could be taken by candidates who have a v2 or v3 ITIL certification.


Having an ITSM certification allows certificate holders to have a higher preference for jobs in ITSM during application as a certificate communicates that these individuals hold specialization in this segment.

ITSM certification also boosts the value of your profile or resume as ITSM is a concept with a growing fanbase. Soon, having an ITSM specialization will be prestigious for people who wish to grow their careers in information technology.



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