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JavaScript (JS)

JavaScript is a scripting language (or dynamic programming language) which when applied to an HTML document, can make it interactive for users. Scripting or dynamic programming language are the one which can perform operations during runtime unlike a compile time programming language. ECMAScript is the official name of JavaScript.


To implement JavaScript in our HTML document, we need to call it the way we did for CSS. Once you reach at the required folder location, follow the given steps to complete the setup:

  1. Create a text file under folder scripts and name it js.
  2. In your html file enter the given element, under <body > </body> tag.
<script src="scripts/index.js"></script>

Note: Write the above statement, just above </body> tag. It is done because, we will let the HTML document to load first and then load the script data, this will load the UI faster.

Now, whatever you write in index.js will be reflected into index.html. We will mainly write our code in console of browser (press F12 in Chrome to open its console), this will help us to validate our code there itself.


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