What is Microsoft Azure Global Infrastructure?

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Physical infrastructure altogether with connective network components make up the two main parts of the Azure global infrastructure. The material component comprises more than 200 physical data centers divided into regions and merged by one of the world’s largest interconnected networks. Each Azure data center offers high availability, low latency, scalability, and the most recent developments in cloud infrastructure—all running on the Azure platform—thanks to the interconnectedness of the global Azure network. Together, these parts ensure that IP traffic never leaves the secure Microsoft network and that all data stays within it. Let’s see what the global infrastructure of Microsoft Azure is.

Global Infrastructure

A Global Infrastructure in terms of Cloud Computing is a group of data centers and global networks, i.e., equipped with services having low latency, low cost, and very high availability. These Global Infrastructures are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than local infrastructure.
Azure too provides Global Infrastructure, which can be identified with the help of Azure Datacenter, Azure region, Azure Geography, and Azure Availability zones. You can check here the Azure Geography and availability.

Fig. Representing global centers in the whole world.

Features of Global Infrastructure

Azure global infrastructure consults to all the pieces in networking and therefore comprises the Microsoft global (WAN) wide-area network, points of presence (PoPs), fiber, and others.

Azure global infrastructure includes two key components—physical infrastructure and connective network components. The physical element is made of 200+ physical datacenters, linked by one of the largest interconnected networks on the planet and arranged into regions.

With the connectivity of the global Azure network, each of the Azure datacenters provides high accessibility, low latency, expandability, and the latest advancements in cloud infrastructure—all running on the Azure platform.

Together, these components keep the whole data within the trusted Microsoft network, and IP traffic never enters the public internet. The Microsoft Azure Global Infrastructure is the most unshakeable, extensive, and dependable cloud platform, providing over 200 fully presented services from data centers globally. Whether you need to distribute your application workloads across the globe in just one click, or you want to fabricate and deploy specific applications closer to your end-users with single-digit millisecond latency, Azure provides you with the cloud infrastructure where and when you need it.

Azure has the largest and most dynamic ecosystem with millions of active users and thousands of partners globally. Customers across virtually every organization and of every size, including start-ups, enterprises, and public sector institutions, are running every imaginable use case on Azure.

Why choose Microsoft Azure Global Infrastructure?

  • Azure is far more ascendable than on-site infrastructure. It allows you to scale back your resources depending on your current requirement. Switching to Azure will enable businesses to access their data remotely from any location.
  • Each Azure geography contains one or multi regions and meets specific data residency and compliance necessities. This keeps your business-critical data and apps nearby on fault-tolerant, a high-capacity networking infrastructure.
  • Azure provides easy portability and a dependable, consistent platform between on-postulation and the public Cloud.
  • Azure provides a more extensive range of hybrid connections, including virtual private networks (VPNs), caches, content delivery networks (CDNs), and ExpressRoute relations, to improve usability and performance.


In this article, we have discussed how Azure is the most complete, dependable, and secure cloud platform, how we can really choose it, and what are its feature which will make it clear to the users. It has been spread globally and making it easier to use from any location.



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