What is Mobility


Movement and change is the only constant in all of our lives. Change is that factor that allows us to strike interest and conquer over monotony in our lives. Mobility plays an important role in mobile computing and gives every user similar powers in the realm of mobile technology

What is Mobility

Mobility allows information, data, codes or even users from one geographical location/device/server to another. In recent times, mobility has branched vastly across mobile technology to form a mobility ecosystem that includes services such as Data mobility allows machines and computers and share information or communicate in terms of data, amongst each other. Control Mobility, is a form of mobility that passes on authoritarian power (control) or adminship from one machine to another, and back. Or, Device mobility enables devices or machines from moving from one server to another. Mobility plays a crucial role in transferring data and communicating between different servers or machines, which thrusts machine learning, as technology advances every day.

Security challenges in the mobility ecosystem

As the Mobility ecosystem gives rise to a basket of advantages, it does raise some questions and potential risk factors for its users. For instance, when devices transport information or intellectual data to another machine, who is monitoring the transfer? Or is it being encrypted and decrypted during transfer? This gives rise to the potential risk of security breach and cyberattack. To tackle the same, corporates often implement EMM (Enterprise mobility management) which employs a set of services such as Mobile device management (MDM) to securely allow employees to communicate wirelessly in a private network.

Mobility Tools in the market

Few popular mobility tools in the market are:

  • Scalefusion
  • Microsoft enteprise mobility
  • JamF pro
  • Hexnode UEM





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