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Python is a programming language and is very popular these days. We will look at some of its features and will compare with other programming languages so as to have a better understanding and clarity about Python and its uses.

Advantages of Python

  1. Has a large no. of libraries

The first question would be what is a library? The library is nothing but the code which is already written by someone and is available for all to use the same. The python community keeps adding several libraries to make life easier for us.


  1. Platform independent

By platform independent we mean that whatever code you write, will be working same with windows, on linux, or any other operating system


  1. Simple syntax structure

The python syntax structure is much like simple english which will you come to know in detail when we further describes its keywords, programming constructs and some of the most used libraries.


  1. Suitable for Machine Learning & AI

Much focus is being given to Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) these days and python is the language which is heavily used for the same because of its high computational abilities.


Uses of Python


  1. Software Development

Compared to other programming languages python does make it simple because of its open source community and a large no. of libraries


  1. Suitable for web application & server side application

With the help of frameworks like django and flask this can be easily achieved


  1. Big Data

With the help of relevant libraries like numpy and many more, big data handling and complex computation is possible, which is why python is heavily used for data science and analytics.

Demand for python programming

As we discussed above points, it is very much clear that python is the programming language which is heavily being used in fields like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, server side programming.

Also if you know python very well you will have a lot of job opportunities because of its wide uses in the industry



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