What is Salesforce


Salesforce is a mainly a cloud based Customer Relation Management company. It was introduced in 1999. Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, and Frank Dominguez are the founders. What they created years ago is now headquartered at the tallest building in San Francisco.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the #1 CRM in the world. CRM means Customer Relationship Management which brings the customers and companies together and provides seamless services to the customers as well as the company in many aspects. It has many clouds like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and etc., which are all integrated together and help in increasing the sales of the company.

What Are The Services And Products That Salesforce Offers?

●       Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales cloud helps in managing the leads, accounts, contacts and most importantly closing those deals.

●       Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud helps in marketing the company and the products to gain leads.

●       Salesforce Service Cloud

This is again an important cloud in salesforce which plays an important role to the customers after sales by providing excellent service processes.

●       Salesforce Community Cloud

Community cloud provides a handful of features in collaborating with their employees and customers. This cloud also does many things which you may know in the following articles.

●       Salesforce Commerce Cloud

This cloud is used as an online shopping website where customers can select their products easily.

●       Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Analytics cloud has excellent features to use Artificial intelligence to the data and find solutions to your problems quickly.

●       Salesforce App Cloud

In salesforce app cloud is used to create and deploy the applications/app within seconds and saves a lot of time.

●       Salesforce IoT Cloud

This cloud is specifically used to store and process data from IoT devices. It can collect all the data from different devices and process them.

●       Salesforce Health Cloud

This cloud is more useful for health sector organizations to store and manage data relating to the health sector.


Which Companies Use Salesforce?

Considering Salesforce as the #1 CRM in the world many companies used Salesforce to boast the company sales. And here, major companies like Adidas, Spotify, Toyota and more.


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