What is the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure?

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Alibaba Cloud is a platform based basically on automation. It focuses on the very well-versed technologies and the demand provisions and works on the well-developed infrastructure resources and data. These services include servers, data, and services across the vast network area, i.e., available to all consumers and users. The users and consumers do not have control over the Alibaba cloud infrastructure, but all the consumers have power over their resources and data. The consumers or the users of Alibaba not only manage the underlying cloud infrastructure or do not only control the infrastructure, but it has control over all the resources and the data provided in the cloud infrastructure. It has a lot of arbitrary software and deploys them to run. It includes the operating system and the software. It makes the work easy and steady. Let us learn about the global infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud and its features.

What is Alibaba Global Infrastructure?

Global cloud infrastructure has its BGP backbone center in China. It has a wide coverage of the network lines, covering all the world’s regions. It provides the highest quality of network quality, ensuring stable network connections to the mainland, another land, and worldwide. It has three zones which are available in Singapore, 2zones are available in the Asia Pacific region, two zones are available in the US East area, two zones are available in Tokyo, two zones are available in Mumbai, 1zone is available in Dubai. So, Like this, their zones are spread worldwide, and their coverage is very accurate and helps people globally.

Features of the Alibaba Cloud global infrastructure?

1. Alibaba Log Service

SLS allows its users and consumers to collect all the data and services from its platform, whether on-premises, off-premises services, or in the cloud. It enables the users to tag their data with derived context.

2. Support of Bring your key

It provides end-to-end services, which gives the consumers control of both the hardware and the software services, which helps the consumers to protect their data and the rest. The new feature of Bring your key supports ECS Cloud disk, OSS, and RDS.

3. Smart access gateway software

It is an app that provides end-to-end devices such as cell phones, POS, and laptops to securely connect with the Alibaba cloud infrastructure and on the on-premises data centers with one click. It accelerates enterprise applications and cloud resources to use easily.

Why choose Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure?

It is the third largest IaaS service provider. The data structure provided by Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure is the third largest infrastructure globally. And it has been considered part of the best use in the Asian Pacific regions if we see international research. It has been recorded that the Alibaba Cloud has shown the fastest year-on-year growth and revenue compared to the other cloud services.

It has its region in 75 availability zones and 24 regions globally. It has stood out its center outside china than in the Middle East, which is in Dubai, Indonesia, and many other parts of the world. It also includes all the Asian Specific Regions.

Alibaba Cloud provides 100+ services as compared to other clouds. It includes data, storage, security, identity, management, cloud communications, CDN Elasticity, computing media services, etc. And most importantly, these services are available on pay-as-you-go service, making it easy and flexible to work.

Alibaba has a cost of approximately 25% less than the other cloud service providers compared to the other cloud services. It offers a better CPU quality and helps them utilize the best resources.


So, we can conclude that the Alibaba cloud service provides the best services to the users, and it is rising every day, making it more flexible for users to work according to their needs.



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