What is the History of Alibaba Cloud?

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Preface – This post is part of the Alibaba Cloud series.


Alibaba Cloud was founded in September 2009. Alibaba Cloud was established along with Research and development centers, and they started operating in Hangzhou, Beijing, and Silicon Valley. Alibaba Cloud’s history is vast as it keeps on growing, and throughout time, it has made a lot of investments in its product and resources. The Alibaba Cloud went so far up until now that it became very convenient for its users to use and work for their business development and growth.

Idea generation and documentation?

Alibaba Cloud was founded by Jack Ma with 17 friends on 28 June 1999. His Idea to form this China-based Alibaba cloud was to make people aware of things and to help them with consumer-to-business, e-commerce, retail, business, and technology. So, that is why this Idea came to his mind: to find the platform in which he could help people through different modes to resolve their problems, which can be either business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer, or business-to-consumer. The platform has been set up by them so that users and customers can get their solutions regarding their business and can make more and more profits. Alibaba Cloud has become the second largest company in the valuation market and broke the US $500billion.

What are the services provided by Alibaba Cloud?

Compute Nest was the first service founded by Alibaba Cloud in 2013. In January, Alibaba Cloud made collaboration with HiChina for the betterment. In August, the Alibaba Cloud merged with Apsara DB and improved its architecture. In May 2013, its center in Hong Kong went on virtually, proving a turning point. When it came to October 2015, two centers in the US also went online. In July 2015, Alibaba Group invested the US $ 1 billion in the Alibaba Cloud. In August 2015, Alibaba Cloud opened its first center in Singapore. In April 2016, Alibaba Cloud collaborated with SK Holdings and C&C to provide services to the Chinese and Koreans. In May 2016, Alibaba Cloud collaborated with Soft Bank to provide services to Japan. In November 2016, Alibaba Cloud collaborated with Vodafone Germany to give benefits to Germany and Europeans. The collaborations help them to generate good revenue.

YearService LaunchedDescription
2009Alibaba CloudBusiness development
2010Single’s DateShopping festival
2013Apsara DBMachine Development
2016Sk holdingsCloud services
2016Soft bankUtilizes technologies
2021Log4shellProvides securities


Today, Alibaba Cloud has been among the top three service providers of IaaS. The Alibaba Cloud has become China’s largest provider of cloud services. Alibaba Cloud has millions of users across the globe, having 43 availability zones. If we see such a growth of the Alibaba cloud, it has been comprehensive growth. So, the services and the products provided by Alibaba Cloud are across the network. Alibaba Group has made the Alibaba Cloud developed across the globe. The success of the platform was represented when in the quarter of 2022, it was revealed that Alibaba had made it possible to generate US$ 3,574 million of revenue.


So, these are the service the Alibaba Cloud provides to its users, making things easy for them. Due to these services, the Alibaba Cloud has attained colossal success, which caused billions of people to use the Alibaba Cloud all over the globe.



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