What is the IBM Cloud pricing model?

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Many people are not yet aware of many cloud computing models, which are very helpful. This article will cover all the pricing models of cloud computing, which will help users to grow businesses. The article will discuss four pricing models of the IBM cloud in detail, which will allow users to choose the best-suited model for projects and organizations. There is a high need to understand under which model users will be billed low along with the best business services. The article will also enlighten the topics such as pricing calculator, the total cost of ownership calculator, optimizations, and support plans.

What is the IBM pricing model?

1. Consumption-based IBM model

Under this model, you only have to pay for what you use and all resources you selected, which means you don’t have to pay extra. This model provides the service of a Smart cloud IBM enterprise, and you have to pay for the resources like only disk space, CPU, and network traffic.

2. Subscription-based pricing model

In this model, you have to pay only for the amount of the subscription as if you take a subscription of one month, so you have to pay the money that is included in one month’s subscription, and during that one month user can use the resources as much as they want which comes under particular package selected. It also provides the service of IBM Smart Cloud.

3. Advertising-based pricing model

In this model, the service is either costly or cheap, as the advertisement features. The users generally get heavy discounts, and sometimes they are not at all charged, and the one who owns it receives a lot of profits. This model is prevalent and provides free tv services such as net2TV.

4. Market-based pricing model

In this model, You generally have to pay per hour of use of CPU time. This varies over time based on demand and supply. When you are their user, you can buy the service at the current price and use it directly.

IBM Cloud pricing calculator

You can use a cost estimator to check the cost of the IBM cloud by customizing the plans you need.

1. In the IBM cloud estimator, we have to reach the cloud estimator from the console.

2. Then, the product which is required to check for estimator must be added.

3. select the product which is in need.

4. After selecting the pricing model, add to estimated.

5. You are ready to calculate the cost and save it.

IBM Cloud total cost of ownership calculator

Even if you are well known for the cloud total cost calculator, you must also ensure a true comparison of the cloud is quite tricky. Many organizations take reasonable charge to include talent, capability, speed, etc.

Cost consideration

a. Physical Environment

when we imagine the hardware cost, you have to keep many things in mind, like disk space, hardware process, and server utilisation which is quite costly.

b. People

In every organization, there is a need for a human resource that works on the skill development and the enchantment for the organization’s growth.

c. Application level

Many cloud providers offer software licenses and provide different license options according to the environment.

How to do cost optimization in IBM Cloud?

When you design and deploy workloads, it’s essential to consider the costs to run and maintain. A trade-off often exists between performance, availability, resiliency, and the running cost. These considerations must be taken throughout the product development lifecycle and deployment lifetime.

  • Choose the package wisely in which only important and needed services must be added.
  • Switch off the unwanted services.
  • Use a pricing calculator to keep the resources and services within budget.
  • You can use a complete monitoring implementation to understand the system better and gather feedback for cost and resource planning.

What are IBM Cloud support plans?

The support plan you choose depends upon the number of resources and work you have, and several support cases can be assigned and used from which you can select the support plan according to your needs. You can choose basic, advanced, or premium support plans to make your IBM Cloud more effective for the growth of your organization.


We can conclude that IBM Cloud is beneficial for the users who know about it. You can choose the price plan according to your need and requirement; the only thing required is you should know about it before choosing the plan; then only you can choose the right plan for you. In this, you will learn about pricing models and estimators, which will help you choose the different services and packages.


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