What is the Yandex Cloud Platform?

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Yandex cloud is a public cloud platform founded by a Russian company known as Yandex. Yandex Cloud was based in 2008. This cloud service provides a platform for small, medium, and big companies where they can find solutions for their business-to-business, consumers-to-consumers, and business-to-consumers. The Yandex cloud helps the users compute their data and analyze it through services that have more than fifty services. The cost of those services is very economical, so the users can buy their subscription account, which helps them to have all the resources.

What is Yandex Cloud computing?

The Yandex cloud provides users with computing services through screening. They offer them with creating the images and storing the data with security in which users can store their data securely in their portal. The computing of data service is elementary and straightforward through Yandex Cloud. The account can be accessed with scalable quality. They also allow users to choose the computing resources of their type, and the storage they provide is very and sufficient for users.

Top benefits of Yandex Cloud computing

1. On account of scalability

The Yandex cloud provides scalability to the users in which they can choose the disks, cores, and VMS, and they can have the ram, and the amount of storage they provide is also much.

2. Different availability zones

The Yandex Cloud is present in different areas and also in different zones. They have three availability zones available so that the users can put their VMS in any of those zones.

3. Convenient control

They provide convenient controls to the users in which users can manage their VMS with the help of CLI, API, or SDK, or they also offer the users the service of Terraform, packers, and Jenkins through which they can manage their VMS.

4. Secure Data Storage

The Yandex Cloud provides the security of data to the users. We can easily trust them and systematically upload their data on their site. Data requires the encrypted form following local regulatory, ISO, and GDRP industries.

5. Preconfigured images

It provides the users with the data of preconfigured images in which users can create the VM images with the pre-installed software. For example, we can say lamp stack, Linux, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP.

Types of Yandex Cloud computing

1. VMS

It provides the VMS cloud computing service to the users under which users can have account scalability of Yandex cloud. The VMS allows users to do their work fast and efficiently.

2. Disk

It provides the users with the disk cloud computing service in which they have the liberty to choose the disk of their work type, which makes the work easy and accessible for the users.

Uses of Yandex Cloud Computing

1. Compute cloud

In this service, the users get access to compute the data they have stored in the Yandex Cloud. It provides the users virtual machine access to the users.

2. Object storage

They provide the scale storage capacity to the users, and they give the block storage capacity to the users. And, the storage they provide is very much and well sufficient.

3. Cloud interconnect

It provides cloud service to the users. It gives users excellent and dedicated cloud and network services to its users.


So, we can conclude that the Yandex Cloud provides specific cloud services to its users, and the way of services, resources, and products they provide is constructive for the users, which they can use in the upliftment of their company.


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