What is Yandex Cloud Free Account?

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Yandex Cloud is the public platform founded by the Russian company Yandex. Yandex Cloud has been set up to provide private and computing users with the infrastructure resources in a service format. Yandex works for businesses based on high profit and offers solutions to their problems through its resources, products, answers, and mediums. Yandex Cloud is a completely fledged cloud platform that provides all companies with the durable infrastructure to grow, and it also provides a stable infrastructure to private developers. It also provides data storage services to companies and development tools and machine learning through which users can efficiently work to develop their companies and workers. All the companies are provided with various technologies in which they can use the technologies they suit best for their company growth. In this, let us see how Yandex offers free accounts to its users for their development and the services offered in it.

What is Yandex Cloud Free Account?

The services provided by the Yandex Cloud are on a trial basis so that users can use those free services and have a trial on their services. These services are provided to the users are some of their resources, products, and solutions. They are provided based on which the users have trialed these services on a hand-as-you-go basis for some time. Suppose they find those resources, products, and solutions useful for their company and the development and growth of their company. In that case, they can easily have a subscription to the Yandex cloud, pay-as-you-go basis, or content delivery network. In this free Account, Yandex Cloud credits your portal with bulk, and it goes for sixty days, and after sixty days, it expires. The free trial services are beneficial for the companies so that they can have growth.

List of top services provided in the free Account

1. Computing Cloud

In this service, the users get access to store their data in the Yandex cloud. Yandex Clouds platform provides the safety and security of the data. The Yandex Cloud delivers the virtual machine data resource service as well.

2. Clouds Function

It provides the resources of the cloud function service to the users to get the codes services function under which you can also do codified services.

3. Tracker

It provides the users with product management tools to the users in which they can easily manage their projects and also collaborate with other devices.


So, we can conclude that the free account service provided by the Yandex Cloud is offered to the users can get experience to choose the perfect suit for business growth. In this program, you can work or use the resources, products, and solutions for the time of sixty days, in which you can have easy access to some of their resources. If you find that those services are helpful for the development of your company and private product and find them suitable for the growth and development of your business, then you can make a good decision. Users can earn more profit and later transfer them to your subscription account afterward.


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