What is Yandex Cloud?

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Preface – This post is part of the Yandex Cloud series.


Yandex is a Russian company. It was founded in the year 1993. The Yandex company was founded by two childhood friends, Arkady and Ilya. They found this search engine for the development. It has been set up and provides internet search products and services. It provides computing and e-commerce services to users. It is one of the largest companies in the region of Russia and is the second largest search engine in Russia. It has the largest share market in the Europe and the Commonwealth of search engines. It is the fifth most prominent search engine worldwide after google, yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. The main competitor of Yandex is the google, VK, and Rambler. Here we will learn about the Yandex cloud.

What is Yandex Cloud?

Yandex cloud is the largest cloud platform in Russia. It provides services in e-commerce, information service, transportation, maps, games, navigation, traffic control, mobile application, and online advertisement. It has a prime source in Russia and primarily serves the Russian people. Yandex cloud has offices in ten countries. Its company technology and business services opened in Silicon-valley in 2008. Also, the Istanbul office was set up with the company web source portal in Turkey in 2011. The company’s first European office in Lucerne in 2012. And there, it started serving its advertising clients in the EU. The first European office began working in berlin in the year 2014. They recently had their new location in 2021 in Prague, where the accommodate company is rapidly expanding features and growth, routing, cloud computing, and rideshare with weather forecasting services. Yandex has started developing in the market very fast.

Merits of the Yandex?

  • It provides the users with a reasonable price if they subscribe, or they can choose a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • It also gives them a free trial package for experiencing the services.
  • It supports multiple languages to search and is very good in Russian.
  • It is prevalent to use on android and helps to grow android applications.

Demerits of the Yandex

  • Users using Yandex do not gain any knowledge through it, and the users do not gain any understanding that could help them learn more about the cloud service.
  • It has fragile security that the users cannot trust to store their data. Also, companies do not depend on data because they do not guarantee data security and privacy.
  • It has the drawback of showing the wrong results of any search.
  • They don’t provide format tools for email writing support.

Services under the Yandex

Through this platform, it is straightforward to develop chat boxes for various platforms such as Skype, telegram, or any messenger platform. It also allows us to utilize multiple frameworks to write messages in different languages that can support them. The platform provides three available zones and a backup tea to make the flow continue when any zone fails. This availability of zones and backups makes it highly available among other platforms. It also provides e-commerce, information service, cloud computing, storage, transportation, maps, games, navigation, traffic control, mobile application, and online advertisement.


So, we can conclude that the Yandex company provides users with essential services under which they can do their work more efficiently. It has been a vast and developing company that will soon touch heights. It is becoming a recognized cloud platform in the market with its growth.


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