Why Learn Salesforce?


Salesforce is the best cloud-based CRM platform in today’s times that provides Saas (Software as a Service) such as Sales Cloud for Sales, Service Cloud for Customer Support, etc., and PaaS (Platform as a Service) where developers can make customized applications on top of the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Certifications

Having Salesforce certifications boost resume performance and improve the chances of a resume getting shortlisted. There are different types of Salesforce certifications of different levels based on the skill sets for each job role. For e.g., Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Platform Developer 1 (famously known as PD1), Sales Cloud Consultant, Technical Architect, and many more.

Now also, recruiters prefer resumes with some Salesforce certifications mentioned over others that don’t.

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Why learn Salesforce?

Salesforce is dominating the market all over the world, and more and more companies have started adopting Salesforce. Companies from all levels, from small to big companies like Facebook, and Netflix, are using Salesforce products to solve their business problems.

Now, due to the increase in Salesforce adoption by companies, jobs have also increased globally, which results in a more number of calls for jobs.

It provides so much flexibility to users to customize and build applications in the Salesforce platform how they want or according to their requirements.

It has a very wide scope in terms of roles and positions. Here, people are not restricted to admin or developer roles. It’s for everyone like if someone wants to be more on the functional side can choose Business Analyst (BA) role, people who are more inclined to coding are allowed to take up the developer role, and many more are there.

Salesforce skills are very high in demand. For example, the Technical Architect role has the highest salary of all the roles.

However, Salary depends on the Company, experience we have, role relevant number of certifications, and location.


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