Why programmers hate php: Is it that bad?

Here’s a fun fact: PHP is the widely used programming language today but ironically, the most hated among developers! Are you anticipating becoming a reputable developer but you feel confused since you might have heard or read somewhere that PHP is bad? Relax, most of us experienced a similar situation.

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As an aspiring developer, I bet you want to decipher “Why do people hate PHP?” to avoid disappointments as you pursue your dream career in programming. If you wonder how bad PHP is, don’t worry. We will critically evaluate it to help you decide for yourself. By the way, most programming students have had their doubts, especially before deciding on their specialization due to the notion that PHP is bad.

As you are aware, there are numerous programming languages with diverse features to solve different problems or complete specific tasks. Despite the widespread negative perception, PHP is a critical web development language that most developers continue to use in the course of their work. To paint the true picture, I will begin with an overview of the programming language and its strengths before exploring the reasons developers hate it.

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Understanding php programming language

Before we explore the reasons that many developers hate php, let’s first understand the programming language and interrogate how coders use it. PHP, which is a short form for Hypertext processor, is commonly defined as an “open source, server-side programming language” that developers embrace in creating numerous things that include websites, apps, and other systems such as customer management.

One of the reasons to use PHP is that it is easily embedded in HTML, helping developers by simplifying the HTML codes. That is one of the reasons that it has remained popular among coding experts despite an extensive negative reputation.

Here are some of the advantages of PHP.

  • It is an open-source programming language: One of the striking advantages of PHP coding is that it is entirely free so you don’t have to be concerned about incurring hefty costs in completing a project.
  • It is not a complicated programming language: Compared to other programming languages, PHP stands out since most programmers easily understand it. The fact that PHP has been around for a long time, numerous resources are available for developers, making it easy to understand. Besides, you can access support from an extended php community in case you face a challenge with php dev.
  • Compatibility with HTML: Another significant benefit of using PHP is how seamlessly it works with HTML programming language. The former remains the leading web dev programming language, which most front-end developers use. If you anticipate becoming a web developer, then you shouldn’t jump on the “I hate PHP” bandwagon.

Despite the significant benefits and the fact that the PHP coding language is one of the most widely used languages by websites, most programmers still have reservations and openly declare their hatred towards it. So, why do they hate it that much? Let’s explore!

Some of the key reasons why programmers hate php

1. Codes may be disorganized and difficult to understand

One of the popular reasons that developers cite in explaining why PHP is bad is failing to adhere to coding standards. A PHP web developer can write code that functions correctly without maintaining the standards that other programming languages must observe. The flexibility poses the risk of having messy codes that are difficult to read and maintain. Additionally, developers other than the one who has written the code find it challenging to audit it.

2. Security concerns

Another reason used to explain why PHP is bad is its security vulnerability. Since it is an open-source programming language, there is a high probability that other people may access the code and use it for malicious purposes. Additionally, the flexibility and ease of writing the code also expose it to security threats. Experienced programmers explain that codes written by beginners or self-taught programmers are at higher risk of being infiltrated. As an aspiring programmer, I would advise you to work with an experienced PHP developer to harness your skills and identify the gaps that contribute to prejudices against the coding language.

3. Supporting popular opinion

Interestingly, I have realized that a significant number of developers who openly argue that PHP is bad lack substantial evidence and only believe so because it is a common notion. Most of the upcoming programmers are forced to dislike PHP based on abstract information without adequately researching for evidence. In the current world, influencers play a significant role in shaping people’s opinions, likes, and preferences, which is the case with PHP. Numerous influencers portray PHP as an unworthy programming language. Ironically, it remains relevant and is widely used by reputable websites and applications, including Facebook.

4. Being fanatical about the language one is proficient in

Some programmers discredit PHP just because they are proficient in other programming languages. For instance, a seasoned web developer may argue that Python or Javascript are superior languages. However, we understand that each language has specific tasks. Developers who are fanatical about the language they use would discredit any other language since they don’t understand the strengths. For instance, in the Information Technology industry, you will find some professionals arguing Windows is better than Linux.

So, is it worth studying PHP?

Yes! Despite the prejudice and the negative perceptions surrounding PHP, I would advise you to pursue it since it still remains essential in modern-day coding. Learning PHP is extremely easy nowadays since there are numerous resources to help you. For instance, If you face challenges in completing php homework, don’t worry. Just ask professional homework helpers “Can you do my PHP homework.”

With an in-depth understanding of the concepts and key principles, you will overcome the setbacks that developers highlight as their reasons to hate the programming language. Once you enroll in a programming course, you will have numerous resources to help you succeed and achieve your academic goals. As you have seen from the article, the language has its advantages, which according to me, outweighs the disadvantages.


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