Why should we use Yandex Cloud in place of other cloud services?

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Preface – This post is part of the Yandex Cloud series.


The Yandex company has designed the cloud to help small, medium, and large-sized companies. The Yandex Cloud has been made to resolve the company’s daily issues. The Yandex Cloud is based on the IT infrastructure, which makes the work of the companies easier and helps them to get quick solutions to their problems through their resources and products. The Yandex Cloud provides the efficiency to store the companies’ data in one place, which helps the company collect all data in one location without any loss. It also provides data security to the companies and also data privacy to the companies. The Yandex Cloud provides the management of the data through different means in which companies can trust them for their work. Here we will learn why Yandex cloud must be chosen over other cloud providers.

Pros of the Yandex Cloud

1. Decent pricing plans

It provides the users with a reasonable price if they subscribe, or they can choose a pay-as-you-go basis. It also gives them free trials for approx. Sixty days in which they credit the account of the users.

2. Office Online

They provide the service of an online office where users can quickly work wherever they are; they don’t have to go to the office, making it more durable and flexible for users to use.

3. User Experience

In this, users can tell their experience of how they like the services of Yandex Clouds, and if they don’t want any service, the users can also mean that. So, that person, before joining, can check and decide.

Cons of the Yandex Cloud

1. No Content Control Option

They do not provide the service of controlling the content to the users because users don’t find it worthy for their company to use.

2. Weak Security

It has fragile security that the users cannot trust to store their data. A company cannot depend on them with the data because they do not guarantee data security and privacy.

3. Gain Zero- Knowledge

The users using the Yandex Cloud do not gain any knowledge through it. It has been made out, but the users cannot gain any understanding that could help them learn more about the cloud service.

Why should we use Yandex Cloud in place of other cloud services?

The Yandex Cloud provides up to 20GB storage capacity to the users. It was founded by the Russian company Yandex in 2012. If the users get the subscription account, they get a storage capacity of 1024GB. It has been used worldwide, and daily if we see, 19000 users use it. It provides a 200% conversion policy which is way more than other cloud service providers. It has made its great hold over hardware infrastructure.


So, we can conclude that the cloud service provided by the Yandex cloud has advantages and disadvantages. But if we look at its good side, we will see that the users can easily use it for their growth and development, but on the other hand, users should check its disadvantages too before choosing whether it is suitable for their company.


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