Why to use AWS in place of other cloud providers?

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Amazon web service provides you with much more services than other cloud providers, due to which it is more reliable. Along with that, it is a more secure, flexible, and easy-to-use cloud provider. Also, its models, global infrastructure, documentaries, support, and deployments are most famous. Here are some best reasons why amazon web services are ranking top in the race of cloud providers and why people must choose AWS.

Why to use AWS in place of other cloud providers?

Top 8 reasons to use AWS

1. Free Tier

It is most beneficial for you to use the free-tier package for twelve months in which you can use many services for your project with the limitation of the account. You can utilize these services and take the experience of the service you use so that you can convert this free account to a permanent account according to your project needs.

2. Global leader

Amazon is a global leader over other cloud providers as it holds 32% of the market share, which is much more than the rest of the cloud providers, such as azure holds 20%, and Google Cloud, which holds 9% of the market share.

3. Global Infrastructure

AWS provides 84 availability zones and 26 reasons that are all over the world. You can deploy a machine to any of the regions and availability zone in just a few steps. Through this, you can generate multi-region backups for your machine.

4. Services

Amazon provides you with much more services than other cloud providers. The services are growing rapidly, and features are updated monthly. Even the services can work with modern technology and are applicable to a number of technologies and operating systems. So there is never a requirement to learn new technology to work with the cloud.

5. Cost

Amazon provides you with a pay-per-use model through which you can pay for the services you have used, and it also calculates the time limit you have to use the facilities. The bill will be generating with according to the time and your services; for example, even if you have to use the service for 15 seconds, then the bill will be generated according to the 15 seconds.

6. Easy to use

The services are very comfortable for developers, and developers can easily rely on the platform, which makes it easy to use. The platform is flexible and gives a better experience for developers.

7. Performance

In terms of performance, you can check the awes health boards through which you can get to know about the current or old services changes. You can easily scale of scale down your application as per need. The servers of the services are never down, due to which you can enjoy the services 24 hours a day with a smooth flow.

8. Documentation

AWS provides you with the documentation for each and every service, due to which you know to search anywhere else for learning the services to use. You will also get technical support and any required support for free, of course, who have paid plans.


There are several reasons which will encourage you to use AWS for your project or organization. Due to thousands of reasons, and benefits it is most liked by the audience and opted by many for their small/ mid/ large scale organizations.


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