Why use Alibaba in place of other cloud providers?

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Alibaba has only natural capabilities to turn into public service from cloud computing services. Alibaba Cloud has achieved this after leading in the market of India, Asia, and China. Alibaba entered the market as soon as Amazon set up its amazon web service in the market. Alibaba Cloud launched in the market in 2009. They followed their strategy for expansion when they were known as Aliyun in the China market. After its colossal development and making billions in China, it started to expand in other markets, where then it began to be known as Alibaba Cloud. Let us see how Alibaba is more useful in place of different clouds and why Alibaba is chosen over other cloud platforms.

Pros of the Alibaba Cloud

1. Good Pricing term

Some cloud providers provide you pay-as-you-go model, and some offer you on a subscription basis. But Alibaba Cloud gives you all the services that make it easy for users to use.

2. Variety of database services

Alibaba Cloud has got the most number of services for rational databases. So, if you are looking for cloud services that provide the best services for analytical databases, no cloud service is better than the Alibaba Cloud.

3. Higher VM Processor

Alibaba Cloud services provide more reliable processors as we compare to the traditional processors or other cloud services. You see high processors of the virtual machine. The Alibaba Cloud service is suitable for businesses that are on a large scale.

4. Content Delivery Network

If we talk about the Content Delivery Network, the Alibaba Cloud has the best among all the cloud servers. The content delivery option of Alibaba Cloud covers almost all the services and features which are helpful for users and people in business.

Cons of the Alibaba Cloud

1. New in the Market

The Alibaba Cloud has been new in the market, so it is not much established compared to Amazon and Google. It does not have the proper knowledge and idea of the western market, which makes it not much worthy for global MNC’S.

2. Data and privacy concerns

The Alibaba Cloud has the area of data storage and privacy. Still, in China, there is a case where data has been manipulated using various sources, which makes it not worth using for the users.

3. Inefficient Customers Services

The Alibaba Cloud, compared to other cloud services, does not provide many good services to the customers as their assistant have not even have proper English and other languages, making it difficult for the customers to understand.

Why use Alibaba Cloud in place of other Cloud providers?

Alibaba Cloud server provides you with more security than other cloud servers and gives protection under the Anti-DDOS technology, which is not offered by different cloud servers. Alibaba Cloud has the certificate from the British Standard of the high-security provider as it is the only Cloud service with the international certificate of security. Alibaba Cloud provides users with high-performance data and provides elastic computing facilities. So, if we compare Alibaba cloud with other cloud services, it is more feasible and flexible for users.


So, we can conclude that the Alibaba Cloud has some benefits more than other cloud platforms. So users have to choose the cloud service according to their needs and demands, which can be fulfilling and beneficial for their business. Many facilities are provided by Alibaba that fit business requirements at more affordable prices than other cloud providers.


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