Why use Google Cloud in place of other cloud providers?

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The maxim that a technology market can only support three main rivals has been in effect since the 1980s. Google continues to innovate and alter the rules to remain relevant and competitive. Google Cloud is a provider of computer resources for creating, installing, and running Web applications. GCP is primarily a service for creating and maintaining original applications, which can then be published via the Web from its hyper-scale data center facilities, even though its cloud infrastructure hosts programs like Google Workplace (previously known as G Suite, Google Apps). In this article, we will let you know the key points of Why use Google Cloud in place of other cloud providers?

Pros of Google Cloud

  • Good documentation as we are talking about hundreds of pages in total, including a detailed API Reference Guide
  • Good prices (around 0,020 USD per GB/month with the regional class and 0,007 USD per GB/month with the Cold line class)
  • Different storage classes for each necessity – Regional (frequent use), Nearline (infrequent use), and Cold line (long-term storage)
  • High durability as the longevity of items in Google Cloud Storage is 99.99 percent (11 9’s) over a year. This indicates that data is preserved even if two drives are lost at once.
  • Many regions are available to store your data, including North America, South America, and Europe.
  • Easy to integrate with other Google Cloud Services such as the Compute Engine, App Engine, or Kubernetes.
  • The tab “console” in the documentation allows you to try it out for free with different SDKs. It’s really useful for people who work as a developer.
  • One of the best layers in the industry. $300 will be free credit to get GCP products during the first year of practice. Afterward, you will get 5 GB of Storage, free to use forever.

Cons of Google Cloud

  • The support fee is quite hefty for the most basic service, approximately USD 150 per month.
  • To download data from Google Cloud Storage is expensive- 0,12 USD per GB.
  • The Google Cloud Platform web interface is a bit confusing as there are a lot of websites and data available from which the perfect data choice is a bit difficult.
  • SDK APIs are less stable than the Amazon S3 ones.
  • It has a complex pricing schema similar to AWS S3, making it simple to incur unforeseen fees.

Why use Google Cloud in place of other cloud providers?

The Google Cloud Platform has access to the company’s fiber networking infrastructure, which generally performs better than conventional network equipment. This is one area where being a part of Google is very advantageous. More than simply “lifting and transferring” outdated IT infrastructure to the cloud for cost and convenience’s sake constitutes digital transformation. True change affects the entire organization and empowers each individual to transform. We are well aware of the demands on modern technology and the necessity for constant innovation. Because of this, businesses use Google Cloud to alter their infrastructure and overcome their most difficult problems.


With a combination of reliable infrastructure and distinctive value-added solutions like Spanner, Pub/Sub, and Global Load Balancing, Google Cloud has developed a strong offering. They have been able to learn from the successes and failures of AWS. Their goods are easily understood and work nicely together.


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