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A phone is nothing but a piece of brick without a functional operating system. The first operating system for a mobile device was released in 1999 with Blackberry OS which had the key unique selling point of enabling customers to have two-way communication with another person via the World Wide Web. As the world of operating systems advanced over time, systems like Android OS and Apple iOS came into the limelight and gained great popularity amongst daily smartphones users. Windows, which has previously dominated the market of operating systems for laptops/PCs, tried their luck with mobile OS as well, but do you know how that turned out?

What Is the Windows Operating System?

Windows Phone Operating system is a form of the mobile operating system, developed by Microsoft Corporation, which was launched with their windows phone 7. When it was first launched, one of its main USPs were the different user interface that is provided to its users. The Metro design introduced the idea of device aesthetics amongst its users, also something never done before by popular OSs like Android and iOS. Written in C and C++ coding, this OS gained magnificent prevalence in the consumer market when Nokia, one of the most renowned mobile manufacturers released its phone line and agreed to power all of their future devices with Windows Phone OS, rendering Windows with great success with their new OS with a renowned company backing them

Limitations of the Windows Operating System

  • Microsft store: lack of options in terms of applications for every single-use, compared to play store (Android) or AppStore (iOS)
  • Rigid UI: Microsoft does not allow its users to make any changes to its user interface compared to Android. Other than changing the background image, there’s not a lot of usabilities that the OS offers
  • Unavailability: even when Microsoft has legally made its operating system available for all brands, high market dominance from Android has restricted Microsoft from successfully marketing its operating system. Nowadays, every manufacturer leans towards Android over any other OS since customers are acquainted and comfortable with the same.

Windows Operating System Security

Security is a concern for everyone and Microsoft being a company dominating the market for computer operating systems most definitely ensures maximum safety for its users. However, like blackberry OS, the year 2020 has also seen the end for Microsoft Phone due to its incompetence compared to Android and iOS forming monopolistic powers in the market for mobile operating software. Meaning, Microsoft users are now greatly prone to security breaches and hack attacks as Microsoft has stopped providing software updates for their phones as of January 2020.


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