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Wipro Limited, an Indian multinational company that offers workflows, consulting, and technical support services, is currently hiring first-year students for the IT Operations Management Executive position. At Wipro, we work hard to give professionals the platform they need to be our change agents — catalysts who carry the torch for our determination to succeed and push the boundaries of technology for the benefit of our clients. The Wipro hiring team concentrates on locating qualified experts in the field. If you have experience pursuing excellence in the field of information technology and are looking for asserting opportunities to bring your inner fire to life, look no further.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • As a functional executive, the candidate will oversee organizing, planning, controlling the supply chain, and creating status reports in the relevant support areas.
  • A candidate for the position of functional executive will be in charge of planning, managing logistics, and creating status reports in their specific areas of support.
  • The chosen interns will be responsible for configuring and testing Wipro’s Administration System to satisfy our client’s needs.
  • The role entails setting up and configuring fixtures in the TBA System according to evaluation using proprietary systems and different tools.
  • The preparation of test cases, test data, and the operation of test activities according to the SA’s instructions will also fall under the purview of the interns.
  • Candidates with strong logical reasoning, coding skills, analytical skills, systems configuration, and testing that support human resource functions will get priority for this entry-level position.
  • Review any initial test plans and customers’ requirements documents, follow deadlines correctly and assist the client delivery priority.
  • Analyses and plans tests using standard client requirements documentation.
  • Determines the necessary test cases.
  • Brings test case requirements to test plan completion.
  • Sets up the system following analysis requirements.
  • Includes pertinent configuration documentation in analysis specifications.
  • Understanding of the ideas and principles of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Knowledge of how to implement systems and writes intermediate SQL queries.

Education and Experience

  • 0 to 1 Year of minimum work experience is required.
  • The candidate will be expected to follow the instructions to satisfy the requirements.
  • In the future, technical expertise, system design and control, and task management – 80%.
  • Communication: Actively participated in huddles and meetings, communicated effectively via Mail and Lync, and touched base with the client team 10% of the time.
  • Support for functions shared and other all services -5%.

Work hours and Benefits

There are many benefits and accommodations to work in Wipro that could vary with experience and job profile. But some are expected benefits such as health insurance, family benefits, different shifts for projects, and many more.


The aspirant must apply over the Wipro official web pages and be ready for the training period. There are different selection rounds, such as aptitude, coding, and interview rounds, from which aspirants are filtered and passed for the second interview round. After the technical interview, there is an HR interview, and the result is announced over the given E-mail Id to the aspirants.



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