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What are WordPress Categories?

In the era of content and data multiplication, it’s often complex for anyone to navigate that one blog, or that one post, or that one piece of content you have been searching for, for a long time! Well, a swift and easy solution to this on the internet was categorisation. To be clearer, categorization can be found as a feature on WordPress, which can only users categorize their content in whatever order they wish to group their data. This feature is mainly implemented in blog websites however, with further optimization this is also used to categorize different pages and content posted on them too.

What are the WordPress categories and how are they used?

On the WordPress dashboard, you can access the categories menu from the ‘Posts’ menu on the left bar.

  1. Tap on the Posts menu, a dropdown menu should appear
  2. Choose the fourth option ‘categories’
  3. This will open the categories section for the posts posted on your Website

WordPress Categories

The categories page can be used to assemble your existing posts under a particular category. In WordPress, you can also go to your posts and sectionally divide your content.

Benefits of categorizing your content

Categorizing blogs/content is considered a “best practice” amongst bloggers, because :

  • First and foremost, categorising your blogs often allows you to organise your craft in a very neat and accurate manner. You would never like the time you would want to refer to a part of one of your blogs but would find it difficult to find it in the backend!
  • It serves as a great help to your viewers too, adding categories as labels on your website allows them to interact with your content and better know about the context through the categories, overall giving a top-notch user experience


Well, categorizing blogs is a feature not everyone uses to keep their processes on the lesser side, both on the front and backend. Bur, we believe that prevention is always better than cure, and thus arranging your content in an even invites better user retention



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