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The comments section on websites adds more value than people know! As per surveys, websites that provide a feedback area for their users/viewers as a comment section, have experienced double user retention rates. This happens due to a very simple fact, a sense of belonging. Adding this feature allows users to establish two-way communication with you, as the owner of the website. Building an online connection makes certain that the user comes back to your website again!

How to add the ‘comments’ option to your website

Adding a comments section through WordPress is hardly peculiar, in fact, actually very simple!

  1. Comments can only be added to pages and posts on your website.
  2. So, to enable the comment section, select the title of that particular page or post from your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Click on the title of that page/post, you will find a settings sidebar on the right
  4. Find discussions
  5. Then enable/disable comments on that page/post according to your discretion

Comments in WordPress

In case, you are not able to find the comment section, then you can download a plugin and enable the same from here.

What features can you add to your comments page?

The comments section is often treated as a basic section with hardly any focus on animations and graphics as this section is seen as a feedback area. However, we believe that making your comments section much more interactive by adding an images option, liking messages, and replying gives the comment section a new look and makes it a better place to build a community or a chat room!

Can you apply certain controls to your comment section?

Comments can at times be flooded with unwanted spam and redirect links which can mislead and trick your daily users into stepping into a fraud online. This can in turn invite a bad brand name for your website or organization. Therefore, to avoid the same, you need to moderate your comment section properly. The options in the discussions section offer a plethora of settings for moderating, overviewing, and controlling your comments section while providing full freedom to anyone to comment what they feel like too.



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