WordPress Interview Questions

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WordPress Interview Questions


Besides being a go-to solution for any website builder on the web, WordPress also provides opportunities for budding web developers to pave their path in website building. Now, one may ask, what are the basic prerequisites for applying to WordPress, concerning any role in web development? Well! Pretty much your creativity and skills in understanding and incorporating computing language into web functions are all you need for your dream gig. However, to take no chances at your shot, we suggest you know what kind of interview questions can be asked to you if your application is shortlisted and has been taken forward. Before starting with WordPress Interview questions, we recommend going through the WordPress tutorial here.

What kind of questions may appear

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a type of Open Source CMS (Content Management Source) that has gained immense popularity in Web 2.0. More than 60 million websites implement WordPress in their systems, based on PHP and MySQL setups. What makes WordPress one of a kind software for any user is that it comes at zero cost and enables even beginners on their path to building their first website.

What can be certain limitations one can find on their WordPress website?

  • A website only looks attractive when it has been modified fully to adapt to any consumer want on the website. These modifications and changes to the theme are made through the PHP file that powers your website’s theme. Thus, it is recommended to have genuine PHP knowledge before website building.
  • Plugins are often a shortcut for adding features to your website. It makes any builder’s life easier by saving a lot of time that would have been used for coding. However. Adding many plugins makes your website much heavier to run and crashes often when a large userbase uses the website simultaneously.

Do you think WordPress is a safe website tool?

WordPress is a popular tool and deals with a large volume of data; thus, it’s highly substantial for it to have a safe and secure system. With the latest update, WordPress protects most of the attack vectors that exist on the internet.

Basic WordPress Interview Questions

Let us discuss the most asked basic WordPress interview questions:

1. What is a CMS?

2. Name the best CMS tools available in the market?

3. What is WordPress?

4. Which CMS is better, WordPress or Shopify?

5. Why should we choose WordPress over code-based website development?

6. Explain what all is possible via WordPress Admin Dashboard?

7. Is WordPress safe? What steps can we take to make it more secure?

8. Differentiate between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

9. Define the steps involved in the installation of WordPress over a server.

10. What is User Experience and its role in WordPress development?


Advance WordPress Interview Questions

Let us discuss the most asked advance WordPress interview questions:

1. Explain the concept of theme and theme builder in WordPress.

2. Explain the concept of Plugins in WordPress.

3. Explain the concept of theme editor and plugin editor in WordPress.

4. What all settings can we perform on WordPress?

5. Explain the benefits of choosing WordPress in terms of website SEO?

6. Explain the concepts of Widgets in WordPress.

7. Explain the concept of header and footer in WordPress. Also, explain the steps to create them.

8. How to add more users and admins to WordPress?

9. Differentiate between WordPress Posts and WordPress Pages.

10. How to migrate a WordPress website from one server to another?

Conclusion and Recommendations

Well, interview questions can vary greatly, and a lot of it depends on the interviewer, the job role, and the interviewee too. However, at WordPress is important to understand that you must have deep product knowledge (WordPress); as for technical jobs, the interviewee can also ask you to show a particular code for a feature or a bug that could occur on a WordPress Website.



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