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What are links?

Links are something you would find familiar everywhere on the internet; on every website. It has become so unnoticeable to our eyes however, links form the bridges in functions in different websites and link the world wide web from one website, domain to another. On WordPress, Links can be added through hyperlinking texts and buttons and can be added to any corner of your website, from every page to every navigation bar to every post on your website. Without further ado, let’s move ahead with how to add links to your content on your website!

How to integrate links in WordPress?

On WordPress, links can be added by:

  1. Simply editing an existing page or post
  2. Edit any new post or page while adding

3. Find the blue logo and tap on it to link the selected phrase

4. Paste the link that you would like to hyperlink

5. When you find the page or post to hyperlink, select it and you will observe that word getting highlighted

6. You can also choose if you want to open that link in a different tab. This option must be ticked off if the hyperlink redirects internally to another metadata

7. Through the Appearances on the sidebar presented on the WordPress Dashboard, you can also add links to widgets and a navigation menu on your website.

Recommendations: Do links help with SEO?

Do you know you can triple your website traffic if you can keep your users on your website for more than a considerable amount of time? This can be made possible with links, hyperlinked through your content which is also what we know as the bloodstream of the internet. When your website makes an evident amount of buzz, you can also create a separate revenue stream by hyperlinking different business websites which sponsor your website.



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