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What are pages in WordPress?

WordPress allows you to present your content in more ways than one, enabling you to cling to your userbase. Content does not come in one format only. There can in numerous types of content that you may want to showcase to your audience, and WordPress got you covered! When a developer has to use the page function, one may also think that? Pages normally provision the developer to input longer, more detailed, and story-like content on their website. For instance, you could use this feature to make your about us page or maybe the careers page to provide information to potential applicants. Now, that we know how a page functions, let’s move on to how to add a WordPress Page.

How to create or edit pages?

Adding a new page is a pretty straightforward process

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Tap on pages

In the Pages section, we would be able to observe all the pages that exist on your website, and at your discretion, you can also choose to edit them or add new pages.

Pages Vs Posts: What is the difference?

You see, managing content and audience on websites is not an easy task even if you are perfectly adept at making content and being able to post them on your website, you also need to make sure that your visitors become your users, online. The most basic form of content management on a website begins with differentiating between pages and posts on your website

Posts are certain pieces of content that you may post every day to keep your audience interested with short, brief, and exciting blogs, write-ups, etc. An average post may look like such:

This is Tesla’s official ‘home page’ where they post their daily launches and products in the highlight, posts.

On the top right corner, you may observe options for moving onto Tesla’s shop page, Your account page, etc.

How do you make pages appealing?

To be precise, a white interactive background too could add great contrast to your posts, thus giving a simplistic solution to your ‘pages’ problem. Choosing the best pages for your website is very important as you cannot overfill your website with pages, as it exerts pressure on the server and makes your website heavier and slower. Instead, what you must do is keep it simple! Only make 1-3 essential pages for your website, which can be thoroughly implemented to deliver content to your users. For better control over your page creation, you can also use Theme Builders.



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